At the intersection of global culture and artistic expression, The House Magazine is a unique source of inspiration based in the heart of the United States. We are more than just a publication; we collect stories that transcend borders, focusing on the artistry inherent in fashion, art, food, design, and travel. Our journey began in October 2021 with the launch of our inaugural issue, and since then, we have crafted 14 print publications that illustrate our commitment to the craft of storytelling.

We're deeply dedicated to the art of curation. We meticulously select and present objects and narratives that resonate with our readers, giving them a unique experience that can only come from the inside of our pages. Our brand is a celebration of discovery, where each piece, whether in print or digital, serves as an invitation to explore the diverse realms of creativity that shape our world.

As a media house, our mission goes beyond our pages. We are driven to create a high-quality space for creatives at every stage of their careers. Whether you're a seasoned artist or an emerging talent, The House is a platform where your voice matters. Our tightly-knit community of contributors has cultivated an environment that bridges the gap between the established and the aspiring, making The House a link between the large and the small.

As an independent publication, we are free to curate stories that matter, unencumbered by external influence. This freedom allows us to champion authenticity and diversity, ensuring that every story we tell is a true reflection of the vibrant tapestry of the creative world.

At The House, we believe in the power of stories to inspire and connect. Join us on this journey of discovery, where each publication is a testament to the boundless creativity that defines us. Welcome to The House — where stories become art, and art becomes a way of life.

The House

where stories become art, and art becomes a way of life

Our Brands

The House also proudly publishes under our sister company, The House Weddings -  are the latest destination for artistic wedding inspiration for couples dreaming up their special day.

The House Weddings features modern and relatable weddings from real couples around the world — giving you the best head start on your planning and design process. We also feature our take on the hottest trends in wedding fashion and beauty looks, offer curated shopping guides and amazing planning advice from the best in the industry.

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Coming Soon

Being a mother of three, our Editor in Chief is naturally passionate about littles and the objects and stories that make up their world. Introducing The Little House - a mirror image of our parent brand, The House, this publication is centered around our youth, their stories, their creations and curations.

Although their world is predominately digital, our mission is to be on online space where kids can connect through stories and uplift and inspire each other - becoming a foundation for authenticity in the next generation. 

Coming in 2024, be the first to know when The Little House launches.