A Fall Harvest Tablescape for Easy Outdoor Entertaining

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October 30, 2020

The House Magazine

All images beautifully captured by Foxtails Photography – who I also co-designed this tablescape with.

Small gatherings are in order for the fall winter months as we continue to deal with the effects of the pandemic. It’s been a downer, but I’ve also found it motivating – and an impressive reminder to be thankful. As we’ve changed the way we’ve gathered for the time being, it’s motivated me even more to create memorable scenes by adding special touches to each place setting. As we reach the end of 2020, I am just thankful for the gatherings we can have – and I celebrated that by co-creating this fall harvest tablescape with a good friend of mine.


Mixed Tableware to Make Easy Fall Table Settings

I love collaborating with friends to design a tablescape. It’s always fun to bring pieces from our own collections together to see what we can mix and match. It’s also so interesting to learn what we are drawn to when it comes to vintage finds.

Mixing and matching is one of my favorite tips to share for table settings. Buying several sets of dinnerware is unrealistic. Sourcing vintage pieces that add character, and can be used with different colors and textures is an amazing way to create scenes that look and feel unique – especially during a seasonal change. Or, like we did here, barrow from family and friends – if they are willing to part with pieces for a short time.

Here is a list of my favorite online vintage shops.

If you are up to adding to your collection, I would invest in pieces that are neutral in color or texture that can easily be matcedh with pieces you already own. Or, invest in statement pieces – something that makes you feel all the warm and fuzzys as soon as you lay your eyes on it. If it’s a plate with an intricate design that you will look forward to pulling out for a special occasion – definitely go for it. I tend to obsess over linens and glassware.

Simple Fall Table Decor Ideas

I especially love using seasonal produce for fall decor. There’s so many deep, warm colors and a wonderful mix of textures in fall that add a relaxed, natural vibe to your table. I love to stack acorn squash in one of my favorite vintage wooden bowls and use it as a focal point on the table. A combination of pear varieties is also gorgeous in a bowl or on a platter. For this fall harvest tablescape, the recipes themselves (like this stuffed acorn squash) added so much to the look of the table and set a distinct autumn tone through the use of seasonal ingredients.

Kayla, of Foxtails Photography and the co-stylist for this table, combined dried and fresh florals for the centerpiece. Using dried botanicals is another one of my favorite ways to decorate for fall. Continue to use the dried elements in an arrangement all season long and as the fresh florals fade, replace them with new.

How to Create a Fall Tablescape

Start by taking an inventory of what you currently have in your cupboards. Lay pieces out and set them next to each other in different ways. If what you see in front of you does not feel reflective of the season, or your vision, decide what you could add. Linens are the easiest, most affordable way to create a different mood with your current dinnerware and flatware. Add a table cloth, a new/vintage set of napkins, or a runner. You can also add a vintage salad plate on the top of your go-to dinner plate.

Keep color in mind. Do not constrict yourself to a traditional seasonal color palette. The golden hues in the glassware and linens combined with the dried florals gives this fall harvest tablescape plenty of seasonal vibe. Completely untraditional, but that’s the way I like it.