A Lasting Legacy – Henredon’s Timeless Furniture Proves Their Pieces Will Always Be In


January 12, 2023

Caroline Cotten

Images courtesy og Henredon.

In this day and age, it’s not difficult to follow the latest design trends to find something shiny and new that fills our needs and matches our Pinterest board saves. But in this chase to constantly be stylistically in the know, it’s easy to lose track of our individuality in design choices. Not to mention, it’s exhausting to keep up and contributing to the tremendous problems our society is facing with the lack of sustainability in our fast consumer culture. We can’t neglect the years of historical inspiration we have to draw on and the long lasting benefits of investing in lasting pieces. And thankfully, some things will never go out of style; in fact, they just get better with age. 

For this reason, Henredon has remained a highly prominent name in the furniture world with claim to exceptionally high quality materials and designs that are recognizably sophisticated and timeless. Henredon is best known for their elegant wooden chests, dressers, armoires, and upholstered furniture. Their vintage collections are a treat to find and loved worldwide by designers, decorators, and home decor enthusiasts as the furniture appeals to both luxury and tradition. The brand is a staple to anyone looking for a valuable addition to their home that will last far past the trends of 2023. 

Dating back to 1945, Henredon started in North Carolina and has thrived throughout the following decades, creating iconic furniture up until recently (2018) that has been internationally recognized. Henredon began as an American manufactured company with the beginning years consisting of a significant amount of handcrafted work, an aspect that is reflected in the prices of these hard to find pieces. In the 80’s, the demand in the luxury furniture world increased and competition expanded, so Henredon made a business decision to move their manufacturing overseas. Like any change from a company who made its name through loyal customers who appreciated the integrity of the skilled hand work, the brand experienced mixed sentiments from their customers. Yet, it allowed the company to continue producing on a larger scale and evolve with the industry. It is decisions like this that have been critical to Henredons success and long-term industry prominence and appreciation.  

Throughout the many changes in Henredon’s tenure as an established brand, the designs and reliably high-quality materials have remained true to their core principles. This means Henredon did an exceptional job maintaining their promise to combine timelessness with innovation to leave a lasting legacy. Henredon’s iconic partnerships have been big factors when it came to staying contemporary with the trends to remain in demand in such a saturated industry. Arguably the most noteworthy, is the partnership with Dorothy Draper in the 1960’s. For those who don’t know Dorothy Draper, she is famously known as the first internationally recognized interior designer. At a time when few Women made daring decisions, in both design and business, Dorothy made a name for herself by boldly leaning into vibrant colors and stepping outside of the box with her interiors. Her work made a lasting mark on big name Hotels like the Carlyle in New York. In her heyday, Dorothy designed several pieces for Henredon that captured her enthusiasm for color such as an emerald green armoire and deep orange cabinets. These playful designs in combination with the name attached to them were a helpful boost to building Henredon’s clientele. In following years, Henredon has also partnered with names such as Ralph Lauren and Frank Lloyd Wright to produce collections that have similarly amplified the brands popularity. 

All of this is to say, the investment in Henredon is worth it. The furniture can be incorporated to styles across the board and the best way to make a room feel current but classy. If you go on the hunt for a vintage Henredon, you’ll come across pieces from all decades. The fun part is, you can hold the power in deciding which decade and how dated or not you want the piece to be. And, Vintage is in! Curating a room that encompasses a balance of modern and vintage pieces is en vogue (and truly always will be). Authentic Henredon furniture can be found online at websites like 1st dibs. 

And not all Henredon is vintage. Though production has been paused and the brand has been silent since 2018, a peek at the Henredon website reveals that something is coming soon. It’s safe to anticipate a new season of Henredon to upkeep the integrity of the products with a classic spin on current design trends and set the bar high. We’re excited to keep tabs on what’s to come! 

Visit henredon.com for more information.