A Look at the EDITION Hotel, Tampa, Florida


March 4, 2022

Caroline Cotten

The pandemic has put quite a damper on traveling internationally and the unpredictability along with the logistics still forthcoming means many of us are finding it easiest to stay in the comfort of our cities and stick to domestic travel. However, splurging for some vitamin D is increasingly enticing in these cold winter months.  While Miami is often the first to mind if you’re looking for a stateside beach get-away, Tampa has quickly captured a share of the Florida spotlight. The city has seen a flurry of economic growth in the last few years and is increasingly popular for young professionals looking for vivacious culture, an active lifestyle, and affordability. The gulf side beaches deserve their notable recognition. The restaurant scene is admirable and has a vibrant nightlife to accompany it. A well-curated trip to Tampa will certainly satisfy the desire for a luxurious vacation. 

With all this said, it’s no surprise that the EDITION hotels chose Tampa as the destination for their fifth U.S property. Slated for a Spring 2022 opening, the hotel will bring a vision of infusing luxury into lifestyle within every aspect of the check-in/check-out stays to Tampa’s first five-star property. EDITION properties are strategically placed in up-and-coming cities, purposely bringing their clients to an environment that reflects the brand’s values of immersion into exciting, forward thinking, yet sophisticated locations. Behind the concept of the EDITION hotels is the renowned Ian Schrager, who made a name for himself as a co-creator of New York’s famous Studio 54 in 1977; a fact that instills credibility into his ability to create a lavish scene. He is the mastermind behind bringing the concept of “boutique hotels” to life and his entrepreneurial spirit has carried him into his latest concept of hotels as a “luxury lifestyle brand”. The EDITION hotels have a signature modern and minimalistic look, but exude a welcoming atmosphere in their attention to providing personalized service. Details of elegant finishes and outdoor spaces bring the hotel to life. The 172 room hotel will offer a restaurant, rooftop bar, and terrace to enjoy the warm Florida air. An upscale spa, fitness center, and several event spaces will complete the building. The EDITION hotels are also known for their Michelin star dining; Tampa will uphold this expectation with Michelin starred and award-winning restaurateur, Chef John Fraser, overseeing the property’s dining experiences. The anticipation for this Spring’s grand opening is certainly appreciated. 

The Tampa EDITION will be located in the newly developed Water Street Tampa neighborhood situated just outside of downtown Tampa. Water Street Tampa is comprised of several restaurants, retail shops, hotels, and office spaces. The 56-acre public space has taken an innovative approach to a sustainable community; a revolution to community living that Tampa is on the pioneering cusp for. The neighborhood has boasting rights to being “The World’s First WELL Precertified Neighborhood”, meaning they have created an urban community that holds to standards of positively impacting the health and well-being of individuals. This is evident in the green spaces, waterside walking paths, and more. The historic Water Street has been expanded to promote active recreation and broaden the connectivity across the city. 

The city of Tampa spreads far beyond the comfort of the EDITION hotel and the futuristic neighborhood. If you’re looking to venture out for a cocktail there are quite a few hotspots. Hotel Bar, situated at the heart of downtown Tampa, offers a menu of cocktails inspired by international hotels and a bright interior to match the cheer. In the mood for more ambiance? Ciro’s, a speakeasy-inspired cocktail bar located in the coveted historic Bayshore Royal Building, has you covered with a menu ranging from “alluring elixirs” to “classic favorites”.

Tampa has also grown a culinary name for itself with many restaurants influenced by a blend of Tampa’s prominent cultures. YBOR city, a historic yet lively neighborhood, is well known for its Cuban flavors. Newly opened, Flora Fina, has been receiving a lot of buzz in the area featuring dishes that effortlessly blend Latin, Mediterranean, and Gulf Coast flavors. Rome and Fig, located in North Hyde Park, is aesthetically pleasing with an open layout and coastal decor and a menu pulling from global cuisine that will satisfy all taste buds. 

While a booming restaurant and bar scene is enticing on its own, Tampa is also known for its stunning gulf coast beaches. The peaceful water and stretches of white sand are reminiscent of some of the most sought out tropical paradises. Spending an afternoon at Clearwater Beach may have you feeling as though you’ve jet-setted off to the Caribbeans; a dream come true after the last few years of restricted travel. Take note, a romantic sunset after a sun-kissed day is the perfect way to spend the early evening. 

Of course, these are only a few highlights of the city and a glimpse at what a weekend away could look like, but a reminder that luxury get-aways can be curated stateside. A little sunshine while sipping a margarita on the beach is just what the doctor ordered to temporarily forget those Covid-19 blues. Pack your bags and head to the sunshine state with Tampa on your mind!