A Simple Thanksgiving Table Setting You Can Put Together in Minutes

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November 19, 2020

The House Magazine

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape for 2020

This table was created in collaboration with The Avenue and Hammett – two of my favorite shops for tablewares.


Plates used in our tablescape can be purchase at Hammett.

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

It’s debatable for me whether or not I like Thanksgiving more than Christmas. Good food, friends and family – all without the stress of gift giving that comes with Christmas. It’s no doubt one of my favorite occasions. This year is looking a lot different for so many of us, but that doesn’t mean that it has to feel different. After many months of ups and downs, I think it is definitely time to set the table in a special way to celebrate what we have all still accomplished despite the obstacles. Here are my favorite tips to a simple Thanksgiving tablescape.

Thanksgiving Table Setting Tips

This year has been centered around using what you have, especially when the pandemic hit us hard in the beginning of the year. When you go to plan your table design, start by taking a quick inventory of what you currently have. If you are living sustainably, you may only have one of everything (plates, linens, glasses), which is fabulous. There are ways to add elements to your table to make it feel seasonal and unique. If you are a vintage collector, lay everything out and decide what can be mixed and matched – one of my favorite past times. From here, decide what you can add to the table to make it special and seasonally inspired.

Getting outside has been some of the best medicine this year, and foraging is one of my favorite table setting tips. Go for a walk or a hike and trim some natural elements that inspire you and the scene you plan to create. If you can’t venture too far, ask a friend or a neighbor if you’ve spotted something pretty growing or dried in their yard. In the tablescape pictured here, I took a walk into the field behind our house and simply collected bundles of dried tall grass.

cute thanksgiving table setting ideas

Another table setting tip that I love to share is incorporating something unique to tie napkins. Ribbons, twine, and vintage napkin rings are all easy pieces you can use to dress up a thanksgiving table. You can also use seasonal produce and place it on top of the plate or napkin to incorporate a natural feeling to the scene. I chose sliced fresh fig for this thanksgiving table setting.

Thanksgiving Table Décor and Settings

Taper holders and candle sticks are an amazing way to create a certain elegance for a table on a special occasion. There are so many beautiful vintage taper holders you can search for and find. Start your own collection and watch for holiday inspired pieces you can hold on to throughout the years.

Utilizing the baskets you may have laying around the house is another way to add texture and dimension to your Thanksgiving tablescape. I’ve chosen to fill one of mine with the dried grass I foraged and set it at the end of the table so it does not block the view of your guests. The turkey is usually the focal point on a Thanksgiving table setting anyway, right?

thanksgiving table setting with candles
simple thanksgiving table setting ideas

Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Simple Table Settings

Sometimes the food you serve is the prettiest of centerpieces. It is also one of the easiest ways to make a table setting feel seasonal. Let the seasonal ingredients shine, and serve them on different sized serving platters to create a bit of variation. If you have a long table, separate the dish and place on either side of the table for easier serving. Adding the fruit that is in season is also a beautiful way to add pops of color and texture – while still being useful and inexpensive.

thanksgiving table décor made from fruit
food on holiday table

A Heartfelt Thank You from The House of Perez

The House of Perez has been around for about three years now and getting to know those of you who join us here has brought me such joy. I am thankful for this space and for the ability to create and share what I am most passionate – food, family, florals and friends. Cheers to getting through 2020 together, and I can’t wait to move forward into 2021 with you.