An Engagement Photo Session That Broke All The Rules

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March 6, 2023

The House Magazine

Antonia and Max locked eyes with each other at a bar in Ottawa just before the pandemic in November 2019. Antonia remembered it was, “A night where I had not anticipated going out, but was encouraged to celebrate a friend’s birthday. After two hours of locking eyes, I remember thinking to myself if I leave here tonight without saying hi, I might always wonder what if? Imagine if this could be the guy I end up with?”
Antonia finally gathered the courage to approach Max and decided to bring him a drink. They instantly connected and went on a date the following week. Four months later, they moved in together, bought a house together, where they began planning their wedding after becoming engaged a year and a half later. The couple has been together for three years now and knew from the moment they met that a life together would be full of adventure, laughs and happiness.

Once engaged, the couple had a specific vision for their engagement session, and it was executed perfectly. How did they end up with the perfect album for their special occasion? They understood the aesthetic they wanted, and how their personalities and passions (including their dog Lenny) should be reflected within the images. This led them to Canadian based photographers, Joel and Justyna.
The couple share a passion for cinematic and dramatic ambiances, stemming from Max’s career as a film director. Antonia had followed Joel and Justyna’s work for some time and remembered her love for the vintage style photos the wedding photographers create and produce. She knew they would be the perfect fit for them, and the end result was truly fabulous. “Our engagement session with them was truly remarkable! Their ability to create such magnificent photos goes beyond words.”

This engagement session is the perfect inspiration for all couples looking for something different – an editorial way to capture who you are during these special years of your life.

Visit Joel and Justyna’s website and follow them @joelandjustyna.