An Inside Look to The THEIA Autumn 2023 Bridal Collection

Wedding Dresses

October 14, 2022

The House Magazine

All photography courtesy of THEIA.

THEIA 2023 Autumn Bridal Collection

Forward-thinking and non-traditional, this season’s free spirit is evident with a fresh breadth of design. The collection nods loosely to an avian theme where voluminous appliqués and sculptural details mimic characteristics apparent in nature. Thoughtful, draped layers create dimension, while also providing a light and airy feel. Sensual cutouts for the beach, romantic ball gowns appropriate for more stately venues, and convertible accessories all coalesce with a perfectly textured mini dress, ideal for any raucous after-party. Pearlescent beading nestles on bodices while contoured tailoring, provocative plunges and a plumage of tulle radiate an exuberant vigor. Like the natural elements that inspire it, the THEIA Autumn 2023 Bridal Collection reflects the attitude and resiliency of the unconventional bride. Birds sing even more vibrantly after the storm. The THEIA Autumn 2023 Bridal collection boldly expands upon its modern wedding vernacular.