Blue Steel Pizza Co. – A New Jersey Innovative Scratch Kitchen Takes Fort Lauderdale


March 4, 2022

Aida Toro

Bloomfield’s Blue Steel Pizza Co., Brian Costello and Lou Narvaez’s hotspot, is bringing its state of the art menu to Fort Lauderdale with a twist.

When Brian Costello and Lou Narvaez opened Blue Steel Pizza Co. in Bloomfield, New Jersey in August 2020, it was a win and a culinary escape from the global crisis of Covid-19. In case you haven’t visited, this locale offers a vibrant scene, like its Rab•Bit Hole Speakeasy on Instagram, where one feels as though Alice, the Madhatter, Cheshire Cat and friends could be seated right by them for unique cocktails and distinctive menu items. But what many aren’t aware of is the innovation behind all areas of Blue Steel Pizza Co., all the way from the menu to the decor.

The restaurant name comes from the term ‘blue steel’, which was steel utilized in general motors back in the day from car companies in Detroit. Coincidentally, pizzerias also used this steel for their pizza pans. Fast forward to 2020, and here we have Blue Steel Pizza Co, a scratch kitchen, cocktail and pizza parlor. The mastermind behind the menu is Executive Chef Lawrence Talis, who opened Blue Steel Pizza Co. with the idea of curating a unique menu featuring an array of items to satisfy all foodies and patrons. Items such as mouthwatering chili lime shrimp, classic meatballs, signature spinach and ricotta dumplings, Detroit-style pizza, ramen made from scratch, and handmade pasta, keep things interesting and make narrowing down an order near impossible.

The success of Blue Steel Pizza Co. has caught the attention and palates of many, opening the gate for a second location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to welcome dining aficionados and foodies alike. To keep things interesting, this new location will differ slightly in terms of food and beverage as well as in general design. Blue Steel Pizza Co. in Fort Lauderdale isn’t giving up all the staples Blue Steel Co. customers know and love from the Bloomfield location, however, there will be a plethora of exclusive dishes offered that will only be available at this location. The cocktail list will also be obscure and tasty. As for the design, Blue Steel Pizza Co. in Fort Lauderdale will not have a Rab•Bit Hole Speakeasy, but will have a similar modern rustic design in addition to a unique variety of pop art by local Floridian artists. This second location will replicate the recognizable Rab•Bit Hole’s color scheme and dark contrast of Blue Steel Pizza Co.’s dining rooms in Bloomfield.

For a taste of Blue Steel Pizza Co.’s Fort Lauderdale menu, I’ve rounded up my top three must haves that’ll have you booking a flight to Fort Lauderdale in no time:

The Ricotta & Sausage Pizza

This is the locale’s signature Blue Steel Detroit-style pizza, which is layered with mozzarella cheese, brick cheese, sausage, vodka sauce, dollops of whipped ricotta, and garnished with a sweet and spicy cherry pepper relish. This pizza hits all the pizza necessities and will no doubt have you going for seconds, or thirds.

Crispy Cola Wings

Wings are always a great idea, especially when paired with a pizza pie. At Blue Steel Pizza Co., the Crispy Coca Cola Wings are the epitome of a sweet deal. These wings are coated with a coca cola bbq sauce, toasted onions, pink peppercorns, and come with a side of pickled celery and gorgonzola dressing. Since Coca-cola contains more carbonation, the wings provide your palate with a unique taste and distinctive crisp. Your first bite will identify the crisp flavor but after leaving the bone bare you’ll notice a sweet ending as your tongue picks up the lasting sugar from the Coca-cola.

Duck Ramen

Even though the weather is at a high warm peak in Fort Lauderdale the majority of the year, a bowl of Blue Steel Pizza Co. ‘s comforting Duck Ramen is a must order and you’ll enjoy it regardless of the heat. This eclectic ramen bowl is made of roasted chicken broth and spicy miso topped with duck confit, caramelized onion, braised bacon, poached egg, and pickled chiles. The warm spice trickles down the throat when slurping on this specific ramen bowl, however, the tenderness, moistness, and fattiness of the duck is what makes this bowl to die for.

You’ll want to pair these items with cocktails when dining here, as . Blue Steel Co. is known for its state of the art cocktail program, which was created by Narvaez. He created an elevated cocktail program reflecting bold and fun takes on classics, alongside brand-new cocktails with elements that are out-of-the ordinary.

To refresh yourself in the Floridian heat, Blue Steel Pizza Co. has the beverages to extinguish your thirst. The Drink menu is still in the works for Blue Steel Pizza Co. Fort Lauderdale, so cocktails from the Bloomfield menu such as the Sunset Durango, 12 Daq Commandements, and L’albero L’italia will most likely make an appearance.

Sunset Durango

Sunset Durango is a refreshing mezcal cocktail containing Campari and fresh pineapple, which is the perfect sweet yet smoky cocktail to have in the heat.

12 Daq Commandments

The 12 Daq Commandments is Blue Steel Pizza Co.’S seasonal spin on a Daiquiri and is worth the slurp. It consists of 12 Year Dark Rum, sweet coconut, and fresh lime juice.

L’albero L’italia

The L’albero L’italia is light and bright and tastes like summer. This cocktail is a spin on the classic aperol spritz ; made with prosecco, sparkling lemonade, and butterfly pea infused aperol, which gives it a beautiful purple and pink hue.

Blue Steel Pizza Co. is set to open the doors to its Fort Lauderdale location the first week of March. If you’re ready to jetset down to Fort Lauderdale for some out of this world grub, cocktails that’ll turn your world upside down, and warm weather, then this special scratch kitchen and cocktail parlor is the place for you.
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