Pin on Salad Recipes

October 24, 2020

We are keeping it simple this weekend with an easy roasted grape kale salad for this week’s Salad on Sundays recipe. Roasting grapes deepens their flavor and caramelizes their juices, giving them a jammy texture that’s reminiscent of a good glass of red wine. KITCHEN ESSENTIALS Roasted Grape Kale Salad with Walnuts, and Goat Cheese […]

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February 16, 2020

A quick and easy winter salad with radicchio, sliced pears, blackberries, and crumbly goat cheese topped with a vinaigrette made with a combination of freshly squeezed blood orange juice and a light and sweet rosé vinegar.

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An overhead view of sliced baguette pieces topped with kale, cabbage, and brussels sprout leaves. One toast is sitting on a small cutting board while the others slices are placed behind it. A small contained of bean sprouts is sitting next to the cutting board.

January 31, 2020

Call me cliche, but I have been totally inspired by healthy eating in this January. Something that recently really excited me was the Grow Your Self Podcast by Nicole Burke. In this episode, she talks about which foods are best to eat in the winter months and why. With that came an abundance of information […]

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Printable Holiday Gift Tags

December 19, 2017

About three months ago, I started telling Eric that things were going to be different this holiday season. No last minute shopping. Less stress. More focus on the actual holiday itself, and no staying up till midnight wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve. . Guys, I don’t know how to avoid last minute shopping. I’m STILL […]

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