Tik Tok Luminary Davis Burleson Gets it Poppin With a Tasty Beatnic Collab

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April 1, 2022

Aida Toro

Photography Courtesy of Davis Burleson and Be

If you’re an avid Tik Tok user, then Davis Burleson is someone you’ve encountered while viewing all of the unique personalities on the platform. Burleson recently turned 20 and had a grand celebration at the iconic Goldbar, where SoHo meets the Lower East Side. At this special celebration, not only did he welcome his 20s, but announced a special collaboration he is currently doing with eclectic vegan eatery, Beatnic.

“I chose Beatnic because I’ve always been a very picky eater,” said Burleson. “When I first saw Beatnic, and their options of burgers, fries, and chicken tenders, it was the perfect match for me because those are my favorite types of food.”

Beatnic made its grand debut in New York City in 2015 and continues to be a purpose-fueled company, dedicated to providing 100% vegan food that’ll have your taste buds going for seconds. All items on the menu are so delectably mouthwatering, that even the non-vegan consumers will be doing so. The eatery provides a creative and colorful plant-based menu where one can order items such as house-made burgers, sandwiches, salads, and baked sweets. Beatnic is also a rebrand of the well-known vegan eatery, By Chloe. Headquarters are in Manhattan, with the flagship location being in downtown’s Greenwich Village as an ode to the original By Chloe location which was based in this specific sector of the city.

“My first time at Beatnic was several years ago and I had one of their burgers, with just lettuce and tomato and some fries on the side,” said Burleson. “No sauce of course, because I am the pickiest eater ever.”

Burleson has been lactose intolerant his whole life and has always consumed dairy free items and he found that he really enjoyed the food at Beatnic, always stopping at By Chloe when he would visit New York City. He wasn’t really aware he was lactose intolerant, until the prime of his highschool years. Fast forward to him being a college student in Manhattan, Burleson’s palate continues to enjoy the comfort foods it’s always craved over, but now with a vegan alternative at Beatnic.

The team at Beatnic first met Burleson at a Met Gala after party where they were serving food and he expressed he was a huge fan of the brand and its offerings. The team at Beatnic was thrilled to learn that Burleson was very passionate about the brand. As Burleson’s taste buds are enamored by both sweets and avocados, his collaboration with Beatnic resulted in the curation of two special items: The “Davis” Burger and The “Davis” Cookie. The “Davis” Burger is made up of a lentil and pea protein patty, avocado, shiitake bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a tomatillo special sauce on a brioche bun. The “Davis” Cookie is a sparkle infused sugar cookie stuffed with chocolate chips, Oreos, pretzels, potato chips, and more, which was only available at his 20th birthday party.

Davis Burleson and Audrey Peters

“With my Beatnic burger, I immediately knew that avocado had to be involved and with my cookie, I knew I wanted it to be a lot,” expressed Burleson. “I sometimes like to call my life ‘controlled chaos’ and I feel like this cookie represents that…and I added Oreos because who doesn’t love Oreos?!”

“Our flagship is the only location offering the special Davis burger,” said Catey Mark Meyers, President at Beatnic. “We love Davis and are really excited about our burger collab.”

Burleson looks forward to The “Davis” Burger being exclusively available at the flagship location, as it is only a three minute walk from Washington Square Park, which is where he films his Tik Tok show What’s Poppin’ with Davis!. He also looks forward to seeing his followers and viewers, who tend to also be close to the Washington Square Park vicinity due to attending New York University (NYU), try the burger and showcase it on their social media accounts.

Caroline Vazzana

“I look forward to continuing to work with the Beatnic team and hopefully extend my burger to a full time item,” said Burleson. “I loved this collaboration so much, and I can’t wait to see what else we have in store!”

“We had a blast working with Davis on the burger and hope his fans have a chance to try it during its limited time on the menu,” said Meyers. “His personality and his presence in the Village are perfectly aligned with our brand; he is vibrant, welcoming, and doesn’t take himself too seriously.”

Want to try The “Davis” Burger? Head over to Beatnic’s West Village location, as it will be available from March 25th to April 8th.

Teddy Quinlivan
Davis Burleson with Kate Dabney, Madeline Burleson and Reid Bellistri

To keep up with Burleson, follow him on the following platforms: Instagram over @davisburleson and on Tik Tok @davisburleson. As for Beatnic, you can follow them on Instagram over @eatbeatnic.