Designer Profile: Sholpan Sergazi Fuses East and West with Her Eponymous Label, Sergazi Firenze


January 15, 2024

Cyan Dacasin

Sholpan Sergazi

Sergazi Firenze is a brand that weaves hopes and dreams into a reality. Conceptualized by Sholpan Sergazi, an aspiring Kazakhstanian couturier who emigrated to the United Kingdom, the brand combines the best of two worlds, one that has been combined throughout history.

Taking inspiration from the Italian Renaissance, Sholpan combined the East and West by using haute couture as a tapestry to tell her story. The philosophy behind the brand seeks to re-evaluate the aspirations and ideals of society through design and with a heart of gold. “For me, the greatest treasure of all is people. I love people. I love to listen to incredible stories of different and diverse lives. And my brand is about people.”

By taking inspiration from all matters of human life and personal memories, she gives a breath of life in the form of cyclical nature in her pieces. The uniqueness of her brand can be found in the inner linings of the work that she’s done by calling it ‘the pathways of life woven through memories, hopes, and dreams.’

While today’s world may be filled with grim news, there are times when it becomes a bit brighter because of exciting individuals who are out there making their mark.

Sholpan’s passion for her work is reflected in the stunning pieces she has created. For her, the brand’s focus is on creating wearable memories for her and her clients. “We all have our share of first memories from the unconditional love of parents and siblings to first crushes, childhood, and teenage friends, finding real mature lifelong love in a partner, and more. It is for this very reason that I created the brand. It is about love and an open heart.” says Sholpan.

As a creative, she takes inspiration from Leo Steinberg’s “Other Criteria”, Picasso’s “Maidens of Avignon” and Matisse’s “Joy of Life” to Giorgio Armani.

For her, it’s all about embracing originality and the definition of luxury by incorporating a one-of-a-kind co-creation process. According to the designer, ” Art in any form, be it design or fine art, has to anticipate the future while paying homage to the expertise of preceding generations of masters.”

With new trends and concepts constantly dominating our timelines, Sholpan, like many entrepreneurs, is balancing the fine line of being an artist, one out there making a name for herself while being in charge. It’s a challenge that she relishes by working on her productivity and trying to prioritize tasks in the right way.

Giverny coat’s inside lining

In this regard, she cites the famous “House VI” by Peter Eisenman – an example of radical rejection of practicality in favor of formalist ideas. ” The story goes that Eisenman’s client later wrote about numerous practical problems, but it did not prevent him from enjoying life in this conceptual building –In layman’s terms, the best way to say this is life has plenty of problems but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun.”

Sergazi wholly agrees with this statement, especially when it comes to pursuing your dreams. “I’ve always believed that if you wanted to pursue something, you should act now. Because all you need is your talent and faith, it just takes a bit of time to try everything that life will offer to you.

When asked about what her hopes are for the brand, Sergazi wishes that more people will be inspired by these excerpts and understand what the Sergazi Firenze brand philosophy is all about: valuing precious moments one day at a time.

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Written By: Cyan Leigh Dacasin | @xmissperegrinex

Images courtesy of Sergazi Firenze