Dylan Allura: Spreading Soul Throughout the World


April 21, 2022

Aida Toro

Photography by Akash Maru.

London based singer-songwriter Dylan Allura began her career at the tender age of seven. Allura was a theatrically trained singer, dancer, and actor, which contributed into her interest in songwriting rather quickly. She is known for curating her own take of Alternative R&B, but has also dabbled with a variety of genres prior to finding her best fit where she incorporates her own edge of misty sounds along with sultry vocals.

She recently dropped her track You Don’t Understand and has more projects in the works this year. Allura took the time to speak with me for this special edition of The House Magazine, where she talks about her experience as an independent artist, song-writing, upcoming works, and more.

Dylan, what inspired you to pursue a career in music?

I’ve always been musical from as early as I can remember, although I always looked up to people who worked really hard in school and became doctors or lawyers and thought there was more social acceptance going into one of those fields. Therefore, I studied Politics so I could maybe try and get into international relations and policy. However, I’ve always been drawn to creativity and music because it’s always come naturally and effortlessly to me. Academic stuff was a little harder for me and less fulfilling, so I stopped doubting myself and decided to finally pursue my career in music. 

What did you do prior to becoming an artist?

Prior to becoming an artist I was in school studying English literature, Spanish, and Business management, I decided to specialize in Politics and thought about going into Human Rights Law after school would be the best idea for me. But I was kind of at a crossroads at one point after school, where I was simply working a 9-5 to make money and not knowing what I should do next. I wasn’t getting much success in the legal and Human Rights fields as they weren’t my true passions. The only success I was getting was through my music, as a bunch of people who were strangers were loving my music. From there, I thought that this could really be something. 

What made you choose Alternative R&B as your specific genre to work with?

My voice is very soulful, but I take a lot of inspiration from all genres, particularly hip hop, score music, rock and experimental. I’ve written music for a bunch of genres my whole life, but I really feel my voice suits R&B and Neo-soul vibes best. 

Do you write your own music? If so, what’s your process and where do you gain inspiration from your lyrics?

I always write my own lyrics and have produced all my music up until the last few years. A lot of my songs are based on an event or ideas I have about things and people in my life. Sometimes they’re based on proverbs. For example, the idea for my single Out of Sight Out of Mind was based on forgetting about someone because they’re not with you and living in ignorant bliss whilst they’re away so things aren’t as hard…it’s always about a situation going on in my life. Usually, I use the idea I’m working with and write lyrics to an instrumental or beat I get from a producer I’m working with, or one I’ve produced myself so it all flows well. 

What do you love about being an independent artist and what are the benefits of being an independent artist?

I love the ability to literally make any decision you want at any given moment. You’re able to use trial and error to see what works well for you, what doesn’t, and you don’t necessarily have to consult anyone about it!

Who are some of the artists you look up to and how do they inspire you as an artist yourself? 

I look up to so many artists…it’s crazy. I love all the great singers like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Alicia Keys. Michael Jackson is a massive inspiration for me because as the whole superstar package, he could do everything. I love Sade for her sensuality and mystery. Frank Ocean is a big inspiration for his storytelling. Lastly, I really like James Blake’s voice and production.  

What are you currently working on? Would you be able to provide us with a snapshot of your upcoming hits and what they symbolize?

At the moment, I’m preparing a release for May along with a music video. The track is called Angels and it’s about some family members who have passed who I believe still watch over me daily because I always feel their presence. I don’t worry too much in life because I know they have my back…I’m quite spiritual in that way. I see myself releasing an EP towards the end of the year. I just have so many stories to tell. 

What do you look forward to as an emerging artist? 

I look forward to meeting like minded artists. I love collaborating with artists who I think could be big in the future and creating amazing music with them. I already have a few tracks in the vault with some of my favorite emerging artists, but I want to do so much more!

It’s exciting to view the journeys of independent artists like Allura and how they trail-blaze the path for those who aspire to step into the music industry as a song-writer, singer, and more. Keep a lookout for more updates on Allura, her upcoming song Angels, and more by following her on Instagram over @dylanallura and on Spotify.