Elevate Your Next Get-Together With These 6 Special Additions


March 28, 2024

Oscar Collins

A get together is great for sharing food, laughs and lasting memories. As the host, your job is to create a fun and relaxing environment, but how can you take your get-together to the next level? 

Here are six special additions to make your next dinner party unforgettable.

1. Ambient Lighting

Use ambient lighting to set a warm and inviting tone for your guests when they first walk in. Brighten the house with unique lighting fixtures and make things relaxing with low lighting. Lamps are an excellent way to help guests see without making the room too bright.

Make your guests feel fancy at the table by using candles. Candelabras transform your dinner table and add sophistication to your party, so include fancy ornamental lighting wherever possible. Tea lights are another way to add decorative light and elevate the atmosphere of your party. 

Ambient lighting at a get-together, done perfectly, by Le Supper Club.

2. Flowers

When decorating, it’s essential not to overlook the tiny details. Even small decorations can go a long way in impressing your guests and setting a positive tone for the dinner party. For instance, use flowers to add colors and beautiful aesthetics to your home.

Guests will appreciate the natural beauty and may even reap psychological benefits. A 2021 study found flowers positively affect well-being, especially when you pick red and yellow. The researchers say they reduce stress by helping you relax, so put flowers at the dinner table and around the house for your next get-together.

Image courtesy of Health Taylor Home.

3. Upbeat Music

Entertainment isn’t solely up to the hosts — you can depend on famous musicians to do some work for you! Play upbeat music to foster a cheerful atmosphere throughout the night and get guests’ feet tapping. One 2023 study discovered music is directly proportional to happiness because it evokes related feelings and emotions, so crank up your favorite tunes all night.

People can be picky about music, so tailor the selection to hits everybody generally likes. You can pick a playlist on a music-streaming service or craft your own to take more control of the lineup.

Additionally, make music choices based on what activities your guests are doing. Classical music may be suitable at the dinner table, while pop music is appropriate for socializing.

4. Fancy Cocktails

Gather the ingredients to make cocktails if you want an easy conversation starter. These beverages add sophistication without too much trouble, so cultivate a menu of classic drinks to wow your guests at your get-together.

For instance, use an authentic mint julep recipe to make your guests feel like they’re at the Kentucky Derby. This classic drink contains the juice of eight lemons, sugar, claret wine, strawberry juice, water, orange juice and fresh mint sprigs. It’s often a hit for those who like sweet drinks.

Another popular option for cocktails is the French 75. The drink comes from “Casablanca” — one of the most famous movies in early Hollywood. Making one requires only gin, simple syrup, lemon juice, and Champagne or Prosecco.

5. Themed Food

Dinner parties are events you circle on the calendar and look forward to in the weeks leading up. How can you go the extra mile and ensure your guests won’t miss it for the world? Give the night a theme and organize the dinner menu accordingly.

The time of year will be a factor here, as the summer will be ripe for barbecue and beach-party themes. Autumn dinner parties mean making soup, pumpkins and Halloween decorations the center of attention. Regardless of your choice, revolve your dinner menu around the theme for a fun and unforgettable evening.

Photo courtesy of A Daily Something.

6. Games

While dinner parties are about sophistication, there’s still room for games and bonding time throughout the evening. Adults like games more than you might think — in fact, research shows about 70% of them play video games — so prepare a few activities.

When hosting, it’s best to keep the games simple to ensure everyone can have a good time. For example, Don’t Say Yes requires participants not to say “yes” for the night and anyone who does must take a drink. Murder mystery games are excellent for incorporating competitiveness and a theme for your dinner party.

Take Your Dinner Party to Another Level

A great get-together will last in your memories for years, so spend time and effort planning a fun evening for your guests. Do you need inspiration for your next celebration? Use these six tips to elevate your party and add sophistication.


Written by Oscar Collins | @TModded