Emily Shaqiri: Italian Actress With A Journey That Transcends Screens, Genres, and Continents


December 5, 2023

The House Magazine

A close up of Emily Shaqiri wearing a beige colored trench coat with a black snake skinned belt.
Emily Shaqiri, photographed by Fabrizio Cestari | @fabcestari

In the world of entertainment, some stars carve unique paths from their very beginning. Italian actress, Emily Shaqiri, made her debut on the acting stage at the age of 7 in the acclaimed Rai 1 series, “A Good Season,” where she shared the screen with renowned actors such as Luisa Ranieri and Ottavia Piccolo. From her humble start, Emily’s trajectory has been nothing short of extraordinary, encompassing award-winning short films, captivating dance performances on “Dancing with the Stars,” and landng leading roles in globally acclaimed TV series like “Miracle Tunes” and the Netflix hit “Di4ri.” With The House, Emily Shaqiri shared a glimpse into her world, reflecting on the challenges, joys, and artistic evolution that have shaped her career. We explored the interplay between her diverse roles, the cultural tapestry of international projects, and the nuanced dance between advertising and storytelling.

Your acting career began at a very young age. How has growing up in the world of entertainment shaped your perspective on life and your approach to your career?

I started very small. I was only 4 years old when I did my first job, and I still remember it: modeling pajamas for a children’s clothing line. When I was 7, I had my first role as an actress. Starting so small gave me the opportunity to understand right away that it is a beautiful job but, contrary to what people believe, very difficult. So now, at 19, I have gained experience and awareness.

You’ve worked on a variety of projects, from television series to commercials and even a film for the cinema. What draws you to a particular role or project, and how do you choose the work you take on?

I like to challenge myself with different roles. In my last project, I played a character very different from me—a thief, bully, and bad girl. This really stimulates me because it allows me to play with interpretations. However, in choosing projects, I always consult with my agents. Together, we decide which direction to go.

“Miracle Tunes” garnered significant popularity across different countries. How do you navigate the cultural nuances and differences when performing for audiences in various parts of the world?

Miracle Tunes is an international project that has had tremendous success. While embracing various cultures worldwide isn’t easy, there are common languages in music, dance, and singing that allow us to connect with people’s hearts, regardless of where they live. This is the message of “Miracle Tunes”: defeating evil and negativity with music, a universal message.

From acting to dancing, you’ve displayed versatility in your artistic pursuits. How do you maintain a balance between different forms of expression, and do you find that each art form influences the others in your creative process?

I began dancing at the age of four, coming from a family of dancers. Dance has given me not only an awareness of movement and body but also great discipline, which I carry into film sets. I’m accustomed to following directors’ instructions and performing with the utmost seriousness.

Your recent involvement in the Netflix series “Di4ri” has brought your work to a global audience. How do you approach portraying a character in a series with such widespread recognition, and what challenges or opportunities does this present for you as an actor?

I’m proud to be part of such an important project on one of the world’s most significant streaming platforms. Being followed and loved globally brings happiness and awareness that this is the job I want to do. Each acting opportunity is a moment of growth, preparing me for the next with increased self-awareness.

In addition to your on-screen work, you’ve also been part of several successful commercials. How do you see the relationship between advertising and storytelling, and what do you find most rewarding about working on commercial projects?

Advertising allows a face to enter people’s homes directly. Commercials have evolved into “mini films” with stories and common threads, regulating our daily lives.

“The Absent” marks your venture into the world of cinema. How does your approach to acting differ in a feature film compared to a television series, and what excites you most about this new chapter in your career?

My approach to acting remains consistent, whether in a film or a series. I give equal importance to both, pouring my dedication into portraying characters. Starring in “The Absent” was particularly challenging due to the character’s uniqueness, complex storyline, and difficult times on set.

Your experience as a guest star on “Dancing with the Stars” showcased your talent beyond acting. How has your background in dance influenced your approach to physicality and movement in your acting roles?

Dance’s influence on acting is substantial; acting schools emphasize scenic movement. Having awareness of space and respecting others’ spaces is crucial for an actor, and these are lessons I bring to a movie set from my dance background.

“The House of Miracle” is a spin-off of “Miracle Tunes.” What can audiences expect from this new series? How does it build upon the world established in the original show?

“The House of Miracle Tunes” is a spin-off that allows direct interaction with our audience. We read fan letters, gave advice, and engaged in activities suggested by fans—a dynamic not present in the original series.

Looking ahead, what types of roles or projects are you eager to explore in the future. How do you envision your career evolving in the coming years?

My career will undoubtedly continue to grow. I’m committed to studying and preparing to always give my best. I don’t have a specific role in mind however, I aspire to confront different and challenging characters. My personal growth, both as an artist and on a human level, aligns with my career growth.

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Photography by: Fabrizio Cestari | @fabcestari
Styling Allegra Palloni | @allegrapalloni
Hair & Makeup by: Emanuela di Giammarco using Sisley Paris | @emanueladigiammarco @sisleyparisofficial
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