Finding Home with Camila Perez


June 25, 2024

Carly Long

Actress Camila Perez posing for a portrait photo sitting on a wooden chair in front of a beige colored wall wearing a silk, very light pink pant suit set with her hair loosely tied back.
Photography by Daniel Matallana

For actress Camila Perez, home is more than just a physical space — it’s a feeling of safety and peace that she has cultivated within herself. In this intimate look inside her tranquil Williamsburg abode, the Acapulco star shares how she creates a grounding sanctuary amidst the chaos of her dynamic career and life. From treasured keepsakes that provide comfort to the cozy nooks that nourish her soul, Camila invites us into the personal haven she has so thoughtfully crafted.

Tell us about your current home and its aesthetic. What initially drew you to it?

I am currently in Williamsburg, NY — and the water view drew me in. I’ve always wanted to live near water. My home grounds me and keeps my zen away from all the chaos in the city. I’m very minimalistic, so it is a blank canvas with glimpses of color here and there. 

What’s the definition of home to you? Is it a place, a person, a feeling?

Home is where I feel safe. For so many years I didn’t have a “home” and I always searched for it in people and cities I’ve lived in. My idea of home changed when I realized that I am home. I’ve created a safe place in my body for my soul to feel at home wherever we are. I wish it was something I could have done myself, but the reality is, I have done a lot of therapy to create that safe place. It is a privilege I do not take for granted. I have had the best in their field guide me to become the best and healthiest version of myself. It took really learning the tools to take care of my heart and soul, to create that safe place for myself, within myself.

You were born in Medellin, and raised in New York. I’m guessing you have also had short stints of ‘home’ depending on where you were filming. How do these varied experiences influence the way you create a sense of home, especially when in transient environments like filming locations?

Correct. I always try to bring along things that make me feel cozy and close to people I love. One example is, I bring my Mom’s photograph with me when I film. I place it at the entrance of any hotel room or apartment and I instantly feel safe. I also bring my candles – my favorites are Sea&Sand and Apotheke, I buy flowers (usually sunflowers or roses), and bring my stuffed animal, G, who has traveled the world with me since I was 15.

As an actress, your work often involves stepping into different characters and narratives. How does this creative aspect of your career influence your personal space and the way you express yourself at home?

This creative aspect helps me be more flexible with my taste. I tend to be more minimalistic, but doing a show like Acapulco, which takes place in the 80s and is so big and colorful, I’ve learned to incorporate and play with bold colors and mix and match furniture. In other words, I have learned to not be afraid of some color at home.

Do you prefer vintage or custom furniture? Tell us where you shop for home decor or any quirky items in your home you just love. 

I like a mixture of both. I just found the most beautiful chair from the 60s in Dumbo. I like to shop at Beam and LEIF. My quirky items are my croissant candles and my weirdly shaped decor…

What’s your favorite space in your house, and why?

My bedroom. I have a beautiful and raw painting by Mexican Artist Monica Loya above my bed. It’s so so magical.

I can see my spiritual journey and my growth as a woman in it. I love it so much and I am so honored to have it in my home. I first saw it in Mexico City two years ago. When I moved back to New York City from Los Angeles, I reached out to the gallery to see if they still had it, and bought it right away. We were meant to be. I like to think she was waiting for me.

Does anyone live at home with you? Any pets?

Just me! 

Do you like to host and have people over to your home? If so, where’s the gathering space?

I do — I love hosting my friends and making pasta for them. I live in a studio, so we all squish together wherever we fit.

What are you usually cooking at home? Any go-to recipes or items that are always on hand?

I just got into cooking. I was intimidated by the kitchen until I allowed myself to fail and to experiment. My go-to recipe for breakfast is an arepa. I eat them every day. I make them with cheese, eggs, avocado, or whatever protein I have in my fridge. Us Colombians put the whole world on arepas! You can eat them with anything. Some items that are always on hand are goat cheese and my pasta.

How do you set the ambiance for your home? 

Candles and colorful LED lights. I choose different colors depending on what mood I am in. I also have my palo santo and my incense around at all times. And music — I can’t really do much without music. I listen to a lot of 70’s disco, R&B, and indie pop.

What are you currently watching? How else do you like to spend downtime at home? 

Acapulco, of course! I know I’m part of the show, but I am also a big fan of it. I also go to the movies twice a week. I am a big cinephile. I love movies. I recently watched ‘A Woman Under the Influence’ directed by John Cassavetes – what a film! Also, I love sour Skittles for a movie snack.

What are some of your favorite items in your closet? 

My coats — I have thrifted most of them. They are so unique and beautiful.

What’s the most underrated thing in your home that brings you joy or comfort?

My arepa grill!

Do you incorporate greenery into your home? 

I love plants and flowers. I consider myself a super plant mom. My firstborn’s name is Frida — I bought her the first day I moved into my studio. 

How do you utilize your outdoor area, and what role does it play in your lifestyle?

I like to call the park near my studio my outdoor area. I love laying out in the sun and just hearing the water and all the humans around me. Little things that make my heart so happy.

Describe your ideal cozy evening or relaxing weekend at home.

A good movie, candles, and a nice hot shower.

Are there any specific rituals or habits that kickstart your day or help you wind down?

I like to sit by my window in silence with the score of Call Me by Your Name in the background. That soundtrack just does something to me.

What books (or scripts) are on your nightstand?

The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts. A bit heavy, but perfect for where I am at this moment in my life. 

In terms of wellness and self-care, what routines or practices do you prioritize at home to maintain balance and peace of mind?

Making sure I eat breakfast before I leave the house. Providing my body with energy and fuel to start my day is my priority.

What makes you happiest at home? 

Knowing I finally have a place of my own. I feel so safe here.

*This interview has been edited for clarity.
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Written by Carly Long |  @bycarlylong

Photographer by JSquared Photography | @j2pix

Hair by Courtney Housner | @chousner

Makeup by Marina Gravani | @marina_gravani

Styling by Ananda Rose | @anandarose