Four Bucket List Locations for the Adventure Seeking Traveler

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April 29, 2024

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There is a deep desire in the millennial and under generations to cut back on materials and rapidly replace them with experiences. That idea takes us to places with guaranteed lifetime memories and opportunities for soul searching after the day to day has worn it down. We’ve been in the mood for creating bucket lists, so we started asking experienced travelers what their favorite spots were for those of us seeking adventure. This connected us with travel photographer, Chelsea Loren, whose work has been featured in Travel & Leisure, Orbitz, and countless hotels around the world. She was kind enough to point out some of her favorite adventure spots and took us to one she considers a hidden gem – Menton, France – where Italian influence meets French charm, and to the serene hilltop village of Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy, where time seems to stand still. Her suggestions promise a feast for the senses and a thrill for the soul. Here are her top four places to visit for the adventure seeking traveler.

Hidden Gem Adventure: Menton, France

This is such a hidden gem in the South of France and an amazing spot for travel adventure! For those that are looking for beachy French Riviera vibes but want something different than St-Tropez or Nice, Menton is the answer! The charming town is located in France but right on the border of Italy, so you get a mix of Italian influence (hi pasta pomodoro!) and a ton of colorful buildings right on the water. The town is known for its lemons — lemon dessert, lemon festival, lemon accessories. Bonus points if you rent a Fiat and drive the coast into the city – it adds to the adventure!

Adventure on Hilltop: Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

Fun Fact: Harry Styles stayed in the apartment next to us while we were here. This little hilltop village in Central Italy is home to all of 12 people…and probably more cats than residents.

There is a single bridge that leads up to the village and it’s a bit of a trek to get there (read: don’t bring heavy luggage…or if you do, hire the singular tractor to lug it up the bridge for you). The views are unmatched of the countryside and it’s extremely peaceful and serene. While there isn’t much to do, aside from a couple of restaurants, that’s part of its charm and beauty. Breathe it in, stay in a castle-like Airbnb, and enjoy.

Food and Culture Adventure: Kyoto, Japan

Hands down one of my favorite adventurous/foodie experiences! From the incredible 7/11s (yes, really), to fresh sushi to small octopus filled with quail eggs (my husband ate this, I declined), Kyoto is an ideal spot for an adventurous eater.

Fun and Culture Adventure – New Orleans, USA

New Orleans is unlike anywhere else in the United States. It has such a dynamic blend of cultural influences. While going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras is a bucket list experience, you won’t scratch the surface of all the city has to offer then.

I encourage you to go beyond Bourbon Street—learn about the iconic New Orleans foods, what Vodou really is (the religion and culture, not the “voodoo” you hear about in movies), and learn about all of the city’s dynamic history.

Explore all the French Quarter has to offer, indulge in a food tour (and then a cocktail tour, of course!). Spend your time ambling through the Garden District and exploring the many mansions or take part in an unforgettable jazz breakfast – it’s all perfect for travel adventure!

An outside view of Commander's Palace Restaurant in New Orleans.


Intro written by Kacey Perez | @studioblume_

Written by Chelsea Loren | Chelsea Loren Photography

Photography courtesy of Chelsea Loren