Garden Wedding Grandeur: An Intimate Wedding in a Secret Garden Setting


June 13, 2023

The House Magazine

Marcia and Aaron met while they were in school through a mutual friend. Despite their busy schedules – Marcia was studying law, and Aaron was studying engineering – their love of memes and silly humor meant they instantly became best friends. They stayed close, with no intention of dating, but grew to really like each other and decided to give dating a try.

Once they both were finished at their university, Aaron settled in Seattle after taking a job, and he persuaded Marcia to join him there. “We had gotten so close at this point that we were pretty much one and the same in different bodies and I decided I wanted this for the rest of my days. I thought I had it all planned out; since she didn’t like big surprises, I decided a small one with our closest friends and our dog, Tofu, would be perfect,” said Aaron

.For the proposal, Aaron chose a secluded area in the Washington arboretum, and told their friends to wait in hiding with cameras, where he would spring the plan. “Everything that could’ve slowed us down, did slow us down. She wanted to keep stop-ping to take pictures of the blooming flowers and have Tofu explore. All the while, my phone is vibrating out of my pocket with the secret chat room complaining, ‘omg it’s so hot’, ‘where are you?'” remembers Aaron.

They finally arrived at the location, and Aaron started his speech. His hands were fumbling in his pockets and Tofu began to bark, pull, and howl, adding unplanned chaos to the moment. She had sniffed out their friends and became frustrated that they were not saying “hi” to them. “Imagine the scene; me sweating profusely and on one knee trying to shout through my proposal speech (all of which I had forgotten in the chaos), Tofu barking and howling, her leash tugging at my body as I’m trying to open the ring case to pop the big question. Let’s say the magic moment had passed and all we could do was laugh at how absurd this scene was.” said Aaron.

Although it did not go exactly as planned, Marcia said “yes” while still laughing, and the friends that Tofu smelled a mile away popped out from behind bushes to join them in congratulations. “I picked up whatever dignity I had left and vowed to never forgive Tofu, the little devil.”

The Garden Wedding Ceremony

The couple held their garden wedding ceremony, dinner and reception all at the gorgeous Corson Building, a restaurant that accommodated their guest list of 70 perfectly. The tables set for dinner created the aisle the bride walked down until reaching the ceremony chairs filled with their friends and family and a gorgeous floral arch created by Brier and Ivy.

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed dinner with the bride and groom before an area was cleared for the dance floor. Unlike the proposal – which was perfect in its own way – the wedding day was a dream. “Seeing our guests thoroughly enjoy themselves on something we’d spent months planning for was something we really, truly appreciated.”

The Details

  1. The couple requested that guests wore light, neutral colors that day to accompany the beautiful florals and landscaping throughout the venue.
  2. To keep things simple, there was no bridal party assigned for the wedding, but the couple’s dogs, who are family to them, accompanied the groom down the aisle where the awaited they arrival of the bride.
  1. There was a cocktail hour after the ceremony where the reception party kicked off, followed by a delicious dinner provided by the Corson Building. The chairs were cleared from the ceremony area of the outdoor dining space to create the dance floor.
  2. The Nutty Squirrel, a retro ice cream truck, served additional desserts after dinner.

Advice From The Groom

“Wedding planning has so many small intricacies and timing considerations to track. Please hire a wedding planner, or at least a day-of planner, and know exactly how you want things to be. No detail is too small to be overlooked, specificity is key!”