Hayley Orrantia has a New Sound and Hot Summer Jam with her New Single “Open Your Mouth”

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May 13, 2022

Natalie Steger

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Hayley Orrantia to discuss and celebrate her latest dropped single, “Open Your Mouth” (released May 13). You might know Orrantia from her acting role in The Goldbergs and as a popular country/pop singer, but she is taking her music career and sound in a new exciting direction, which you can hear in her latest single, “Open Your Mouth.” Her latest single is the perfect upbeat summer anthem and break-up song with its fun, sassy sound and lyrics that will have everyone playing on repeat! 

The story behind the inspiration of this latest single stemmed from a time where she was catching up with friends and co-writers Simon Reid and Kalie Shorr. Co-writer Shorr shares with Orrantia about her recent run-in with an ex-boyfriend at the bar. Upon seeing him, she feels there is a bit of chemistry, and old feelings begin to appear, which quickly dissolve once he starts talking to her, and any lingering romantic feelings fizzle out. Orrantia shares Shorr’s ex-boyfriend story as something many of us can relate to when it comes to former flames because, she explains, you can think to yourself, “It’s been a minute. And you’re like, ‘Oh, he looks pretty good, like, why did we break up? And then as you start to maybe…talk, and he starts to open his mouth, you’re like, oh right… that’s why we broke up.”  

Orrantia’s past musical discography includes a range of slow songs and country ballads; however, “Open Your Mouth” shows off a whole new side and phase of her as a music artist. “Open Your Mouth” is the first song she has released after nearly half a year, and she tells  us, “I’m excited for them to be able to hear the whole thing, and hopefully jam to it in their car. That’s my goal,” said Orrantia. “For the song, I really wanted a song that you could like, either be hanging with your girls in the car with the top down. It’s a summertime bop and just sort of like, a girl’s anthem.” 

Orrantia and her boyfriend Greg Furman had an idea for an accompanying music video to the song, and she proposed that they do it together solo. They did just that! Furman helped with lighting, editing, and camera work, and together they made an amazing music video. The power couple did the whole video solo with some help from Orrantia’s glam team (hair and makeup). 

“Literally, it was just he and I, outside of having my go-to hair and makeup guys…but when it came to lighting, you know, DP, directing every aspect of it, it would typically be an entire team of people to do this video.”

Our team at The House Magazine officially has this in our summer playlist, and it is safe to say she is definitely winning over a new audience with her new sound and direction in music. Orrantia revealed she has more in the works. We can’t wait to hear the new sounds and see her back out on tour as the world continues to open up. 

In the meantime, pull out the champagne, and let’s get it popping with her latest single, “Open Your Mouth,” available now.

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“Open Your Mouth” / Audio

“Open Your Mouth” credits:

Written by Hayley Orrantia, Simon Reid, Kalie Shorr

Produced by Ben Zelico

Mixed by Kyle Mangels

Mastered by Tess Greenham

Mandolin by John Selzter

Interviewed by Aida M Toro