How Model Séverine Keimig is Transforming the Industry One Step at Time


April 21, 2024

Cyan Dacasin

Model Séverine Keimig on the cover of The House Magazine wearing a dark navy blue pin-striped suit jacket over a white and light blue striped collard shirt paired with baggy denim shorts and a brown belt. Her long blond hair is down, wavy and pulled to one side over her left shoulder as she faces the camera.
Séverine Keimig for the cover of The House Magazine.

Model and wellness entrepreneur Séverine Keimig may be well known as one of fashion’s rising names in the modeling world, but she is more than what meets the eye. Her tenure as a model began when she decided to leave the corporate world, later gracing the pages of worldwide publications such as L’Officiel, Playboy Germany, Elle, and Daily Front Row. 

Nowadays, her perspective has shifted, and this time, she aims to bring a space for mental health and self-love into the modeling world, an industry known for being dynamic yet disruptive. 

Behind the flashing lights, glamorous hair, and make-up, models are just like us, but unfortunately, they deal with an insurmountable amount of pressure. It may be hard to believe, but they are also regular people who struggle with insecurities despite what you see on their Instagram feeds. “One of the many things that people assume about us models is that we have it all together. It’s immediately assumed that we immediately love ourselves and strut with the utmost confidence, but that is simply not true. There is more to life than what you see on the glossies and social media,” says Keimig. 

A close up black and white profile photo of model Séverine Keimig with her long hair down and pulled over her right shoulder.

Her personal experiences in the industry enabled her to branch out into the wellness space by starting her journey as a certified wellness and authenticity coach through The Abundance Life League. A journal focused on utilizing the power of writing by incorporating affirmations, prompts, and daily meditation to make your dreams come to life. 

According to Keimig, she began conceptualizing the idea of the Abundance Life League in 2017 after a 6- week project in Samoa, and she refers to this period in her life as her moment of personal awakening. “It was at that point in my life that I realized how isolated I was from contemporary civilization as a way to cope – I found myself jotting down my thoughts, ideas, and dreams. After some time, I realized that I am now living the life that I’ve always dreamt of for myself. It was surprising to see it through my diary entries.”

By harnessing the power of journaling, Keimig saw the potential to empower countless individuals in her industry to embark on transformative journeys toward personal growth and fulfillment by combining the philosophies of Deepak Chopra, neuro-science theories, and other accredited experts. 

“Keimig’s dedication to both her craft and the betterment of others is truly inspiring,” said a spokesperson for Abundance Life League. “Through her journal and various initiatives, she continues to redefine industry standards and inspire positive change.”

The modeling world is trying to shift the narrative by being more inclusive and open to discussing mental health issues. Movements such as Sara Ziff’s Model Alliance continuously fight for the rights and grievances of fashion workers worldwide. On the other side of the spectrum, voices like Keimig help propel more change amongst her colleagues by providing a space that hasn’t been available to the industry before. 

By emphasizing the importance of mental health in the industry, she encourages others to start their journey by learning the process of self-development. According to a 2012 survey conducted by the nonprofit the Model Alliance, about two-thirds of the models they spoke with said they have been pressured to lose weight, more than two-thirds of respondents said they suffered from anxiety or depression, and eating disorders were “not uncommon.”

A close up black and white photo of model Séverine Keimig with her long blond hair down and she is wearing a low cut take top while looking over her shoulder away from the camera.

Keeping this in mind, Keimig started her journey by reading self-help books, journaling, and incorporating healthy food, meditation, and exercise in her daily life. “One of the things that I realized as I embarked on this path– was that it was so important never to let fear hold you back from changing your direction in life. Yes, of course, we falter, but there is no linear or quick path to immediate success; it’s all about being balanced and developing that mind-body connection as time goes by.”

With her unwavering commitment to excellence, Séverine Keimig exemplifies versatility. She seamlessly transitions between her fashion icon, health advocate, and entrepreneurial roles. Her impact transcends borders, resonating with audiences globally and cementing her status as a trailblazing force set to transform the notion of being a “Supermodel.”

A black and white image of model Séverine Keimig in a seated post with her hair down wearing a black suit jacket over a striped button up shirt and denim shorts with black Prada loafers.


Written by Cyan Leigh Dacasin | @xmissperegrinex