In Bloom – A Floral Sculpture Inspired by PRIDE


July 6, 2022

The House Magazine

We welcome you into summer with this beautiful floral sculpture masterfully put together by two creatives we love to follow. It’s the perfect way to say farewell to the 2022 PRIDE month as well. A bit about the artists below.

Meet Preston Wainright and Monica Stevenson

Preston Wainright, floral designer, and Monica Stevenson, photographer, live in two small neighboring towns, Tryon and Landrum, on the Western North Carolina/South Carolina borders. Both of them derive immense satisfaction from creative collaborations–the talking and planning and laughing and Googling that leads to mutual projects is fuel that can make life grand.

These two are the kinds of artists for whom there are too many ideas and not enough time. Their brains are brimming with whirlwinds of plans and pictures and beautiful things that just MUST be brought to life.
Preston painted this floral sculpture in hid head and built it as a still life. Monica, in sync with the process
of lighting and shooting mad color in all its forms, documented and made permanent the glorious artwork.