Introducing the WARM CYCLE_23 – DE STIJL 3D Collection by KZ_K Studio


June 12, 2023

The House Magazine

KZ_K Studio, known for their innovative and boundary-pushing fashion designs, has unveiled their latest creation, the WARM CYCLE_23 – DE STIJL 3D Collection. Inspired by the influential De Stijl art and architecture movement, this collection pays homage to the radical design ethos and principles that defined the movement in the early 20th century.

The De Stijl movement, led by renowned artists such as Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg, sought to break away from traditional artistic conventions and create a new visual language based on geometric abstraction and simplicity. The movement emphasized the use of primary colors, straight lines, and rectangular forms, all of which are evident in the WARM CYCLE_23 – DE STIJL 3D Collection.

The KZ_K images of inspiration for the fashion designs in the WARM CYCLE_23 – DE STIJL 3D Collection

Fashion Designs Inspired by the De Stijl Movement

At the heart of this collection lies two key vectors of the De Stijl movement. The first vector emphasizes the idea that the objective of nature is the creation of humankind, while the objective of humans is the creation of art. This notion highlights the symbiotic relationship between art and humanity, and the collection aims to bring this concept to life through its innovative and artistic designs.

The second vector emphasizes the integration of art and design with everyday life. It rejects the notion of art as a separate entity from living and instead promotes the idea that design should adhere to fixed principles based on economics, mathematics, technique, context, function, and materials. The WARM CYCLE_23 – DE STIJL 3D Collection embodies this principle by seamlessly blending artistry and functionality, creating fashion designs and pieces that are not only visually stunning but also serve a purpose in everyday life.

The genesis of this collection can be traced back to Truus Schroder, an early advocate for the De Stijl movement. In 1924, she commissioned designer Gerrit Rietveld to build a home in Utrecht that embodied the radical tenets of the movement. Karolina and Jesse, the creative minds behind KZ_K Studio, visited this iconic house and were captivated by its various design aspects, such as varying levels of facade opacity, disappearing and expanding walls with multi-functionality, and the harmonious fusion of furniture and exterior design. These inspirations have been translated into the fashion designs of the WARM CYCLE_23 – DE STIJL 3D Collection.

Each piece in the collection showcases the KZ_K Studio’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in fashion design. The collection features a range of pieces that embody the geometric precision and simplicity of the De Stijl art movement.

Fashion Designs with Function and Versatility

In addition to their visual appeal, the pieces in the WARM CYCLE_23 – DE STIJL 3D collection also prioritize functionality and versatility. Just like the disappearing and expanding walls in Schroder’s house, some of this collection is cross-functional such as the Planar Sarong, which can be worn as a skirt, a top or a dress and the Telementary Parka, which is fully reversible, exposing vibrant seaming when worn on the reverse.

The KZ_K Studio team’s meticulous attention to detail and their dedication to capturing the essence of the De Stijl movement are evident in every aspect of the WARM CYCLE_23 – DE STIJL 3D Collection. Whether you’re a design enthusiast, an art lover, or someone seeking to add a touch of modern sophistication to your closet, this collection offers a blend of art and functionality that will bring a unique touch to your everyday look.