New Italian Actress, Geneme, Uses Her Passion for Dance in Her Recent Role in “Backstage”


October 19, 2022

The House Magazine

Photography by: Paolo Santambrogio | Styling by: Simone Folli | Fashion Assistant: Nadia Mistri | Make Up by: Maddalena Brando | Hair by: Sergio Castiglia

Top Genny. Earrings Radà.

We are pleased to introduce a new rising start from Italy. Originally from Ethiopia, Geneme grew up in Padua where she learned of her passion for dance at an early age and continued to study it at a professional level for eight years. Her love for dance led her into a career in acting, where she first appeared in the HBO series “We Are Who We Are”, and the RAI series “Alligatore” in 2020. Following those series, she landed the role as Marta in the RAIPLAY series, “Nudes” directed by Laura Lucchetti. 

In 2021, she gained the role of Sara, one of the nine protagonists of the musical drama, “Backstage” directed by Cosimo Alemà and produced by Eagle Pictures. That same year, she joined the cast of “Qua è Rimasto Autunno” as the protagonist Ife.

Geneme, please tell us about yourself. Where you came from – the journey you have taken to get to where you are today.

My name is Geneme, and I am originally from Ethiopia. When I was four years old, I was adopted by an Italian family and since then I grew up and currently still live in Padova.

How old were you when you started to dance and when did you first discover your love for it?

From the first day I arrived in Italy, I have been the passionate about dancing. It has been a passion I grew up with and with every moment, every show and every lesson I continued to fall in love with it.

Total look Sara Wong. Ring and Earrings Piaget.

Did dance play a role in motivating you to start a career in acting?

When the pandemic started, I was very determined to pursue a career as a professional dancer abroad. I was finishing my last year in the high school, and I was looking forward to graduating and leaving Italy to make my dream come true, but then COVID arrived. At the same time, I never set myself limits, so I started working on it. Usually, I have always followed my instinct and I understood that the career as a dancer made me so insecure, so I threw myself into the discovery of something new that made me feel as good as dancing. 

Sara, in “Backstage”, was one of your recent roles. What was it like to combine your passion for dance with acting? 

“Backstage” is a movie about dance, so the entire film combines music and dance with acting and it was a new and exciting experience. It made me feel complete as an artist. 

So far, what role did you find the most fun to play and why?

Surely Sara, “Backstage”, is an ensemble film. I met eight other magnificent artists with whom I sang, danced, studied, worked and shared a lot of life experiences.

What has been your proudest moment in your career and why?

The next film to be released, “Autumn Beat” is a project that I’m very proud of. The role I played was very complicated and I studied a lot to discover all the nuances of it. It is one of the first films about Afro-Italians produced in Italy, and honestly I am very proud to be able to tell this story.

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Outside of acting and dancing, what are your other passions?

Music, painting, meeting new people, traveling, and also relaxing.

What are your future aspirations – in your career and your personal life?

As far as career is concerned, I want to tell other stories and maybe one day be able to be a producer. I want to give space to projects and stories that no one sponsors. In my private life, I would like to create my own family with people I love so, for the moment, my idea is that of don’t have children and and a husband, but to find and live with people I love and who love me and keep this balance. 

Who do you find to be the most inspirational to you right now?

I am a person who finds something beautiful and interesting in everything. I can get inspiration from everything and everyone. 

What is most important to you at this time in your life?

Fulfill my dreams for sure, get to know me and be able to feel good with myself, and create my family.

Total look Sara Wong. Ring and Earrings Piaget.