Makeup For Men – A Perspective from Roberto Casey


June 29, 2022

The House Magazine


Image courtesy of Roberto Casey

For the record, no matter your gender, why and how you wear makeup is a completely a stylistic decision based on emotion. The only thing logical about makeup is how you apply it. My name is Roberto Casey and I’ve been a Makeup Artist for 24 years, in retail, television, film, TV, and editorials. Celebrities? Yes, a few but they’re not as nearly as important to me as the everyday person. 

I have taught makeup classes in multiple countries and subsequently been around different personalities. When the question was asked about men’s makeup my thought was why? Why are you wearing makeup? If you’re on camera that’s one thing. If you’re doing a vlog or Instagram, on television… a certain amount of makeup is absolutely necessary. But everyday makeup as a man is a different question. What is the definition of a man in the world of makeup? Well, a man is a man. It does not matter if he is gay or straight. Where it matters in the world of makeup is if he is trying to be more polished, more feminine, covering up a blemish or a ’situation’. 

There’s a small town in Korea that consumes 70% of all male cosmetics in the world. There it’s all about being polished. However, in my experience most straight guys who want makeup are asking for it because their girlfriends or wives talked them into getting their brows done and they had a horrible reaction (true story) or he is a finance guy who was in some kind of bar room brawl that left them with a black eye. And of course, they don’t want to look like a dumpster fire while at work. The question for me is when does a man want makeup? Is he just trying to look more presentable or is he trying to be more feminine? As a makeup artist it really doesn’t matter to me because I will simply do my job and recommend what he needs. The issue with a straight guy who wants makeup is that he typically has no clue what’s going on in the makeup world and has zero understanding or interest in the application. When they sit in my chair the cool thing about them is by the time I meet him he’s already let down his ego and is very easy to work with. However it’s still a sensitive area. Gay men are much more clued in to this idea. 

CHANEL just came out with a men’s line of makeup. Quite frankly it’s beautiful and it’s perfect for the laymen to apply. Makeup artists like highly pigment products but when it comes to  an individual who knows nothing about makeup it’s simply easier to apply  something that is forgiving and takes no technique to get right. So if you’re a man and you feel like you need makeup for whatever reason, ask yourself why (For the record this is the same thing I tell women). If you want to look more presentable and stay masculine make sure that no one can tell you’re wearing makeup. If you  don’t know how to do it, ask someone who is exceptionally good at “grooming”  versus makeup. For men who want to look more feminine… it’s simply much easier for you. You just have to figure out your style.

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