Meet Celebrity Hair Stylist, Jenn Lagron, The Artist Behind Our Most Popular Cover Looks


January 12, 2023

Natalie Steger

Hair Stylist, Jenn Lagron.

If you ever have the privilege to be around Jenn Lagron on set for an editorial shoot or experience her loving energy as a client in her chair, consider yourself very lucky. Lagron hails from Chicago, Illinois, but you can find her now in the Los Angeles area. However, her career has allowed her to travel worldwide doing what she loves most, hair. Lagron is a perfectionist in her craft and loves to push the limits. As part of her job Lagron also understands and has mastered the ability to pull back her creative edge in hair artistry. She practices this skill mostly when she does hair for high-profile clients like Chrissy Teigen, Anastasia Karanikolaou, and Hayley Kiyoko for special events like the red carpet. She continues to land coveted covers with internationally known publications. The House Magazine’s editorial team is very honored to have her share her talents and work closely with us on several of our publication covers in 2022. In this issue, we are celebrating those who know how to stay grounded and can always keep it “real,” and Jenn Lagron is the epitome of “being real.” We are thrilled to bring to our readers this artist spotlight on our very own hair editorial guru and a kick-ass MMA fighter Jenn Lagron!

How did you get started as a hairstylist?

Ever since I was a kid I have been creative and wanted to help others feel their best. There was no question I was going to be a hairstylist. 

How do you prepare for a shoot? What does your planning and creative process look like?

Planning for a shoot requires quite a bit. First, I look at the mood board to get a feel for the direction of the shoot. Sometimes hair inspiration is given, and other times I will pull references myself. Next, I see if there are any special accessories or extensions I might need to pick up. I go through my hair kit and make sure all of the products and tools I should need are fully stocked. Usually, shoots start early, so I like to get a good night’s sleep to make the best of that day!

Chrissy Teigan, hair by Jenn Lagron

What is your favorite part about being on set?

I love that each shoot is special and unique. It’s never the same day which makes my job exciting! I have the opportunity to meet so many talented people, create new looks, learn, and grow with each shoot.

 Do you prefer to be on set or one-on-one with a client?

I love the variety of being one-on-one with a client and also my time on set. One-on-one is more intimate and special in its own way. Being on set usually is a longer day with multiple hair changes. Those days have such upbeat energy that I love feeding off of. 

What was your favorite moment during the cover shoot for the music issue?

It’s always an exciting moment when I see the finished look from the entire team. When the glam, styling, and set is complete, and the shooting begins, it’s a surreal feeling. Kind of a pinch-me moment, like, wow, we just did that!

Agnez Mo, on the cover of The House magazine for the 2022 Music Issue.

Share something about your career as a stylist that means a lot to you? 

I truly feel like I have the most incredible clients who make me strive to be my best, not only professionally but personally as well. I am so beyond grateful for them, and they hold such a special place in my heart. 

When you’re not working, how do you enjoy spending your time?

I love training MMA; it’s my other passion. I am currently doing this interview in Thailand; I am here training for my MMA debut January 2023! 

Can you tell us about a proud moment you have had during your career? 

My first international Vogue cover was one of my most special moments. That’s an accomplishment I have always dreamed about. What made it even more special is the team I had the privilege to work with. Those girls have become my lifelong friends and are some of the closest people in my life now. 

Jessica Michel, hair by Jenn Lagron for the February 2022 of The House magazine

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself continuing to grow professionally and personally. Never staying content but also honoring where I’m at. To help others in this lifetime means a lot to me as well. Each day is a gift, and I try to show gratitude and give back as much as possible. 

What is your must-have hair care product?

UNITE’s Texture Spray has my heart! It gives the perfect amount of volume, fullness, and texture…plus it smells absolutely delicious. 

Lastly, to keep with our issue’s theme, “Rooted in Realness,” share with us how you stay grounded and keep it real with yourself? 

In order to be the best version of myself, it is so important that I take time for self-care and only keep people in my corner who keep it real. My mentor Jesus Guerrero @jesushair constantly pushes me in the right direction and inspires me to be and do better in every aspect of life. To say I am forever grateful for him is an understatement. 

To keep up and stay inspired by Jenn Lagron amazing energy and light as well as watch her kick ass in her MMA Tournaments follow her on Instagram @jennlagron and feel free to email her for bookings at