New Art Exhibition, “Little Stories Big Lives” Opens at Amelia Maxwell in Notting Hill


November 10, 2023

The House Magazine

Trinkets and Tales, by Lucy Mohon.

In the heart of London’s artistic pulse, the Amelia Maxwell Art Advisory recently celebrated the opening of its latest exhibition, “Little Stories Big Lives,” a colorful showcase of the enchanting works by artists Lucy Mahon and David Horgan. The exhibition not only highlighted their unique perspectives, but also showcased the vision and dedication of gallery founder, Amelia Maxwell.

Amelia Maxwell, the creative force behind the gallery, stands as a beacon of expertise in the art world. Her journey began in prestigious galleries, where she worked for over a decade. Recognizing an unmet need in the market, she founded the Amelia Maxwell Gallery, offering a personalized art buying and advisory service.

The gallery provides specialist, independent art consultancy services to collectors, both new and seasoned, as well as corporate clients seeking to elevate their spaces aesthetically. Amelia’s approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the arts market, an extensive international network, and commercial savvy. Her goal is to guide clients through the art sector, ensuring informed choices based on the latest trends and intelligence.

Amelia Maxwell Gallery focuses on two key areas: independent, objective advice and consultation, free from any obligation to buy, and comprehensive support with art purchases, from negotiation to logistics and installation. With a commitment to transparency, Amelia exclusively represents the interests of her clients, offering fixed and competitive pricing for all services. By demystifying the global arts market, she aims to attract new audiences who may have felt deterred and intimidated by its opacity.

The stars of the evening were undoubtedly Lucy Mahon and David Horgan, whose works adorned the gallery walls with stories that transcended the canvas. Lucy, a Watford native and London-based artist, enchanted attendees with her illustrations that delve into rituals, places, and moments evoking comfort, nostalgia, and happiness. Her artistic process, rooted in weekly notations capturing the essence of personal experiences, culminates in visual love letters to the world we live in.

David Horgan, a self-taught London painter, brought a raw and emotive energy to the exhibition. His figurative scenes, rich in storytelling and social commentary, unfolded with a fast-paced, humorous style. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, popular culture, and personal experiences, David’s work is a vibrant amalgamation of colors, textures, and narratives that captivated the audience.

Bandito of Love, by David Horgan.

The exhibition, curated by Amelia Maxwell herself, became a tapestry woven with the diverse threads of Lucy Mahon and David Horgan’s artistic expressions. Attendees reveled in the unique stories told through brushstrokes and illustrations, each piece a testament to the personal and universal experiences that shape our lives.

As guests explored the gallery, Amelia’s commitment to making art accessible and personal shone through. Her role in fostering a connection between artists and collectors was evident, creating an atmosphere where art wasn’t just admired but felt.

In a world where art is often perceived as distant or exclusive, “Little Stories Big Lives” at Amelia Maxwell Gallery stands as a testament to the power of art to connect, inspire, and tell the stories that make life truly remarkable. The exhibition, with its curated blend of Lucy Mahon and David Horgan’s works, invites art enthusiasts to step into a world where every stroke and every detail tells a little story with a big impact.

Spanish Style, by David Horgan