Painter Indivi Sutton Celebrates the Language of Color in Her Latest Exhibition, “evermore”

Art Design

June 13, 2023

Kacey Perez

A side profile view looking inside Saint Cloche's studio at two paintings hanging on the wall from Indivi Sutton's "evermore" exhibition.
The “evermore” exhibition featured at Saint Cloche gallery in Sydney, Australia. Photo by Jacqui Turk.

Indivi Sutton has been making waves in the art world with her latest exhibition titled “evermore.” Combining her passion for color exploration and emotional interdependence, Sutton’s artwork deeply connects with the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, urging viewers to embrace the present moment and connect with their intuitive being.

Sutton’s artistic journey began at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City, where she developed a profound fascination with color and its evocativeness. This early enchantment laid the foundation for her exploration of color interpretation in her paintings. She further honed her skills studying under Paton Miller, a renowned American contemporary painter, and furthered her study of color theory and painting at the Rhode Island School of Design.

A trio of Indivi Sutton's paintings hanging in the Saint Cloche studio for her "evermore" exhibition.
Photo by Jacqui Turk.

Having made her debut at Sydney Contemporary 2022 in a group show with Saint Cloche, Indivi Sutton garnered significant media attention and has been featured in prestigious magazines such as The House Magazine in the US, and Belle, Vogue Living, and T Mag Australia. Her artistic prowess and unique perspective have earned her recognition not only in the art world but also in the fashion industry. Sutton recently collaborated with Australian fashion designer Bianca Spender for the FIFTEEN Summer ’23 collection, which was launched at AfterPay Australian Fashion Week. Through this collaboration, Sutton created a print with Spender that embraced the essence of the earth and sky by reflecting the deepest blues, umber, lilac, ultramarine, teal, taupe, canary and violet within the pieces.

A collage of Indivi Sutton's artwork from her "evermore" exhibition and the fashion line she collaborated with Biana Spender to create.
A collage of Indivi Sutton's artwork from her "evermore" exhibition and the fashion line she collaborated with Biana Spender to create.
Fashion photography courtesy of Bianca Spender.

“I wanted to conjure the deepest elements of the sky, that subconsciously draw you into its expansiveness to illuminate the state of being. It is as if we were to dive into the indigo blue to cultivate a deeper understanding of humanity, and to access insights that are beyond the limitations of our rational mind,” Indivi Sutton explained on her work in the fashion collection.

In her latest exhibition, “evermore,” Sutton draws inspiration from Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of heart thinking, which emphasizes the importance of surrendering to the present moment to experience the all-embracing truth. By immersing ourselves in our surroundings and cultivating empathy and compassion, Sutton believes we can better navigate life’s uncertainties and contribute to the evolution of humanity toward greater unity and harmony.

The artworks in “evermore” are a testament to Sutton’s deep contemplation of the inner language that speaks without words, inviting viewers to connect with the most profound aspect of their beings—the knowledge of the spirit. Using natural pigments on raw linen, each painting becomes an incantation, a pilgrimage to the truth. Through this artistic process, Sutton aims to expose the interconnectedness of our experiences and emotions, transcending the limitations of time and bringing us to a place of oneness.

The exhibition serves as an invitation to embrace impermanence, transparency, and the invisible frequencies that permeate the universe. Sutton’s artwork invites viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery, drawing strength and inspiration from the memory of beauty and its transformative power. Through her captivating paintings, Sutton invites us to embrace heart thinking and become attuned to the subtle energies that connect us all. It is an opportunity to delve into the depths of our collective soul and discover the evermore of our existence.

Indivi Sutton standing in front of one of her blue paintings from her "evermore" exhibition while hanging it on a wall.
Photography by Petrina Tinslay.