Rediscovering Nature: The Captivating Art of ‘The Change Within’ Exhibition

Art Design

May 21, 2024

Kacey Perez

A group of female artists standing in the gallery hosting "The Change Within" exhibition featured by the Amelia Maxwell Art Advisory in London, England.
The artists of “The Change Within” exhibition pictured with Amelia Maxwell of Amelia Maxwell Art Advisory.

Between the year-round availability of produce and our perpetually full work calendars, modern life often leaves us blind to the seasons, cycles, and rhythms of nature. This disconnection extends to ourselves, as we are, after all, part of nature. Amelia Maxwell Art Advisory’s latest exhibition, “The Change Within,” aimed to bridge this gap and invited us to rediscover the natural world through the eyes of seven remarkable female artists.

Upon entering the gallery, visitors were greeted by Lucy Wayne’s delicate yet powerful depictions of flowers and leaves. Her long, graceful lines and bold silhouettes capture the graphical essence of nature, inviting viewers to appreciate the elegance of its forms.

A full view of the painting, "Golden" by Lucy Wayne hung on a plaster textured wall with flowers in vases standing on a desk beneath the painting.
Golden, by Lucy Wayne.

Next, Ellen Williams’ works draw the eye with their almost abstract representations of flora in bloom. Her staining and sporadic techniques evoke the unpredictable beauty of nature, compelling us to see familiar elements in new, surprising ways.

Lisa Hardy’s paintings, with their moody colors and soft light, immerse the viewer in the pre-dawn mists that blanket the days. Her emotive lens brings a sense of quiet contemplation, urging us to pause and reflect on the fleeting beauty of these moments.

Full view of the painting, "Sweet Tides" by artist Lisa Hardy.
Sweet Tides, by Lisa Hardy.

In a stark contrast, Natalia Bagniewska’s vibrant, child-like shapes and bright colors document flora in domestic settings. Her work exudes a playful vitality, reminding us of the joy and wonder that nature can bring into our everyday lives.

An overhead view of paintings placed one of top of the other by artist Natalie Bagniewska.
Works by Natalie Bagniewska.

Hannah Rollings’ surrealist approach to color and landscape further blurs the lines between reality and imagination. Her unruly, sweeping compositions burst out of conventional confines, challenging us to rethink our perceptions of where one element ends and another begins.

Sophie Daffern’s keen eye for patterns and intricacies is evident in her detailed depictions of flowers and vases. Her art captures the meticulous beauty of nature’s designs, encouraging a deeper appreciation of its complexities.

An overhead view of "Francesca" a painting by Sophie Daffern laying on a workspace under a vase of yellow daffodils.
Francesca, by Sophie Daffern.

Lastly, Jo Rance’s exploration of seasonal changes in her local countryside uses pastel and acidic tones to verge on the psychedelic. Her work vividly portrays the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the world around us, offering a colorful, almost fantastical perspective on familiar landscapes.

"The First Hawthorn Bloom" painting by Jo Rance in full view propped on a white shelf on a white wall.
The First Hawthorn Bloom, by Jo Rance.

Through their exploration of nature’s flourishing and decay, and the shifting contours and colors of landscapes, these artists provide an introspective look at their own place in the world. “The Change Within” is a profound reminder of the push and pull we all feel within ourselves, as reflected through the lens of the natural world. Available works from all the artists featured in this show are list here at


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