Style and Vision: The Fallon and Ava x Erica Reiling Collaboration


April 25, 2024

Kacey Perez

Fallon and Ava, a fashion brand renowned for their exquisite sustainable luxury turtlenecks, have joined forces with the talented artist Erica Reiling for an exclusive art exhibition opening April 25 in New York City. This event celebrates Reiling’s captivating paintings and the timeless elegance of Fallon and Ava’s coveted turtleneck collection – a perfect fusion of art and fashion.

Founded by sisters with a passion for sustainability and style, Fallon and Ava has carved a niche for itself as the premier destination for luxurious Italian-made turtlenecks. Their commitment to sustainability speaks to modern women, offering them a versatile wardrobe essential that exudes confidence in any setting, be it a boardroom meeting or a glamorous soirée.

Artist Erica Reiling sitting down on a drop cloth in front of her colorful abstract paintings wearing a blue turtleneck by Ava and Fallon and a light blue skirt.
Erica Reiling with her paintings for the Women in the Arts Series with Fallon and Ava wearing their turtle neck – photographed by Mark Zhelezoglo.

In their ongoing mission to empower women, Fallon and Ava launched the “Women in Business/Women in the Arts Series.” This initiative spotlights remarkable women across various industries, celebrating their achievements and creativity. Erica Reiling, with her immersive and vibrant paintings, is the latest luminary to be featured in this inspiring series.

Reiling’s journey from psychology studies to a successful career in interior design reflects her multifaceted talent and deep understanding of human emotion and space. However, it was her return to painting in 2020 that marked a profound shift in her creative expression. Drawing inspiration from the natural world and color therapy, Reiling’s artwork transcends mere aesthetics, aiming to evoke feelings of alignment, mental well-being, and belonging.

Painter Erica Reiling standing in a brightly lit studio space with floor to ceiling windows surrounded by her paintings wearing light blue turtleneck and long skirt.

The art exhibition curated by Fallon and Ava not only showcases Reiling’s mesmerizing paintings but also highlights the synergy between art and fashion. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Reiling’s captivating world while exploring Fallon and Ava’s exquisite turtleneck collection, designed to complement the elegance and sophistication of contemporary women.

Erica Reiling’s partnership with Fallon and Ava illustrates the transformative power of collaboration, uniting two creative forces dedicated to empowering women and celebrating their unique talents. As the spotlight shines on Reiling’s artistry and Fallon and Ava’s commitment to sustainability and style, it’s a testament to the endless possibilities when fashion and art converge to inspire and uplift.

For those passionate about art, fashion, and female empowerment, the Fallon and Ava x Erica Reiling collaboration promises an unforgettable experience—an ode to creativity, resilience, and the enduring spirit of womanhood.

Artist Erica Reiling sitting down on a drop cloth in front of her colorful abstract paintings wearing a turtleneck by Ava and Fallon and denim jeans with paint marks on them.
Erica Reiling, wearing the Sleeveless Turtleneck by Fallon and Ava.


Written by Kacey Perez | @studioblume_

Photography by Mark Zhelezoglo | @papi_fresca

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