Use Up Your Summer Herbs in This Beautiful Quiche Breakfast Recipe

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September 1, 2020

The House Magazine

An overhead close up shot of a breakfast dish baked in a round pan with a crust and topped with a large mixture of herbs.

So I’m not actually going to share this quiche breakfast recipe with you, but I am thrilled to share where you can find it. One of my favorite blogs, Coco Kelley, has featured this brunch favorite on their amazing blog. Cassandra creates amazing content centered around interior design, parties, table tops, and my favorite…food. So, visit her blog to give this quiche recipe a try! In the meantime I will walk you through some tips and tricks.

Quiche Breakfast

I made quiche for breakfast quite a bit this summer. It’s easy, a little on the luxurious side, and you can literally put anything in it. This quiche recipe features all of the fresh herbs from the garden. Make it ahead of time to enjoy throughout the week, or have it ready if you’re hosting guests. And speaking of guests, that sparks a few ideas for a holiday inspired quiche in the near future…

An extremely close up angled shot of a small wooden bowl filled with a mixture of garden herbs.
An overhead shot of a baking process with a portion of a small basket in the frame that is holding a mixture of garden herbs and below the basket are a couple of eggs shells sitting next to a bowl with eggs swirled with milk or cream with herbs on top. Next to the bowl is a copper measuring cup filled with chopped herbs, a white bowl filled with eggs, and another small white bowl with black pepper inside.

Quiche Crust

This summer I became a little obsessed with mastering pie crusts. After a few months of trying different ingredients and methods, I think I’ve finally established a pastry process that I love. This particular quiche crust is made from a basic recipe using flour and butter, a splash of white vinegar and a good pinch of salt and pepper. I’ve used this recipe all summer long. For a step by step of this crust recipe, check out our rhubarb tartlets post.

An angled close up view of a round baked quiche topped with a large mixture of garden herbs.

How to Make Quiche

First, establish what you will be mixing with the eggs. This recipe is packed with fresh garden herbs and paired with a good helping of goat cheese. Is there anything better than fresh herbs and goat cheese? If that’s not your jam, you can add your favorite flavor combos in with the eggs. Also, omit the cheese and cream altogether if you are limiting your dairy intake. From here, make the crust, mix the filling and throw the quiche into the oven. Once the crust is golden brown and the eggs are cooked all the way through, serve it up and enjoy!

Gluten Free Quiche

You can easily transform this brunch recipe into a gluten free quiche by using a gluten free flour for the crust. I’ve made this crust with gluten free, cup for cup flour. It works with the same measurements and honestly it’s just as tasty.

A close up angled view of a slice of baked quiche topped with chopped herbs.

For more on this recipe and for a printable version, visit Coco Kelley.