Welcome to the “Golden Age” with Indie-Pop Artist Rosie Darling


September 28, 2022

The House Magazine

by Gabriella Wright 

A new generation of songwriters is taking the music scene by storm; young artists like Halsey, Bella Poarch, and Billie Eilish, are challenging songwriting standards resulting in a relatable, vulnerable sound. Rising indie-pop artist Rosie Darling has taken this in stride, producing deep-cut lyrics about love, growing up, and self-discovery with beautiful backing melodies any age could enjoy and relate to, especially in her latest EP, “Golden Age“.

Darling has writing credits on all her songs from her two released EPs. Darling said all her songs are inspired by real emotions and based on personal stories. She sings about dancing at an ex’s older sister’s wedding on “What a Convincing Illusion” and finding an old card while cleaning out her car on Witness. These details immerse the listener in the emotions she sings about. Her song, “What a Convincing Illusion,” is “about how people don’t always measure up to the idea of them you have in your head.” Darling’s songwriting is impressive as it finds a way to connect emotionally to the listener. The scenarios she writes about are relatable, but unique in her lyrics and musical storytelling.

Darling said she loves listening to other artists and reading poetry to get inspired. Some of her current favorites are Gracie Abrams, Boy In Space, and Tommey Lefroy, which makes perfect sense as Rosie’s music complements those discographies.

Her sophomore EP, Golden Age, was released in August of this year, along with indie-style music videos for three of the five tracks. She collaborated with renowned writers Matt Rad, Justin Gammella, Cooper Holzman, and Grammy Award-winning mixer Michael Brauer. She shared how lucky she felt to find her “trusted circle of collaborators in the industry.”

The title track, “Golden Age”, is about feeling disconnected. Darling sings, “Where’s my golden age? And my greatest heartbreak and all my cliches?” The songstress felt her inspiration was from life during the pandemic, which “felt so heavy and endless. I wanted to write something that was hopeful but also honest,” the indie-pop artist said.

The song and her melodic lyrics perfectly represent the hopelessness many people felt during the pandemic – the feeling of missing out. The rest of the EP feels like Darling is reclaiming her youth, singing about how she navigated life and fought disconnection. She felt like she had become an observer during COVID-19, that she was able to slow down to see and feel everything happening around her. But like many people, with time to process all these emotions, she felt isolated.

Darling hoped the song would be relatable to everyone who missed out on important events and rights of passage due to the pandemic. “I hope people feel a sense of release when they listen to “Golden Age” because I know I do,” she shares.

Rosie Darling has an upcoming West Coast tour near the end of September with labelmate and fellow songwriter Caleb Hearn and has said she is most excited and looking forward to performing a full set and her newest songs. And until her tour, this songwriter and artist leave her fans with the hope her songs are as healing for them as writing them has been for her.

Keep up with Rosie Darling on her Instagram at @rosieldarling and on her website at www.rosiedarling.com.

Golden Age EPs available at all digital retailers here:

Watch the “What A Convincing Illusion” here:

“Golden Age” EP Tracklist

1. Golden Age

2. Say Less

3. Fucked Up Summer

4. What A Convincing Illusion

5. Always Almost

West Coast Tour Dates with Rosie  Darling and Caleb Hearn:

September 28  Seattle, WA @Barboza

September 29  Portland, OR @ Mission Theatre

For ticket Info, visit www.rosiedarling.com