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From Guadalajara to the Stars: Katya Echazarreta’s Celestial Journey

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How Model Séverine Keimig is Transforming the Industry One Step at at Time

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Style and Vision: The Fallon and Ava x Erica Reiling Collaboration


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Hannah Berner: Brooklyn’s Laughter Maven Takes Center Stage

Natasha Behnam, emerging from Orange County, is swiftly becoming a powerhouse in character development. Despite industry challenges, her unwavering dedication to acting has positioned her for cinematic acclaim. Starring in “The Girls on the Bus,” Behnam’s talent and commitment shine, inspiring audiences with her relatable storytelling. With her rising prominence, she’s undoubtedly one to watch in cinema.

Lucie Fink’s podcast tackles taboo topics with refreshing honesty, fostering connection and understanding. In our interview, she shares insights into her journey as a creator and entrepreneur, highlighting her commitment to authenticity and pushing boundaries. Join us as we explore Fink’s remarkable quest to embrace vulnerability and celebrate human connection.

Indulge in the ultimate sensory experience at wine festivals worldwide. From swirling varietals under the sun to savoring gourmet bites, these events are more than just tastings—they’re immersive journeys into culture and community. Join fellow enthusiasts in celebrating the essence of each month at the finest wine festivals across the globe. Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or just curious, there’s an adventure waiting for you at every pour.



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In a fusion of history and modernity, KZ_K Studio’s Warm Cycle Spring Collection emerges as a renaissance of style. Co-founders Jesse Keyes and Karolina Zmarlak found their muse during their recent travels in Italy. Their journey through this history-rich country led to the creation of a collection that pays homage to Italy’s past while embracing contemporary fashion we can all wear today.

Fashion model Séverine Keimig shines within the industry, reshaping norms from catwalk to consciousness. She reveals models’ unseen pressures, sparking change through wellness. Keimig’s journey transcends runways, igniting a global movement for inclusivity and mental health advocacy. She’s not just a model; she’s a catalyst for transformation.

In the heart of New York City, the buzz of anticipation surrounds the upcoming debut of Maui X Lolita’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection at the prestigious New York Fashion Week on Sunday, February 11th. As a black-owned luxury womenswear brand, Maui X Lolita (MxL) has carved a distinctive niche in the fashion industry, challenging norms and […]

In the evolving world of content creation, Allegra Shaw has emerged as a prominent voice in the fashion and lifestyle space, captivating audiences with her genuine approach, relatable style, and commitment to community.



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Hair can lose vitality due to various factors like diet, stress, or weather. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Tailor your routine to your hair type and needs. Invest in quality products for healthier, more vibrant locks.

In a society where external validation reigns supreme, we at The House like to look towards the champions of a different approach—the journey inward. Acknowledging the widespread sense of depletion and disconnection from our genuine selves, we sat down with renowned yoga and meditation teacher Marissa Rose Nash to discover the transformative potential of self-reflection and improved wellness through yoga, meditation, coaching, and holistic living. 

In your 30s, life changes and hormonal shifts can affect your well-being, leading to things like unintentional weight gain and irregular periods. Don’t worry—these easy interventions will help.

Hitting your 30s could be the ultimate dream, as we’ve all dreamt of being thirty, flirty, and thriving just like Jenna Rink did on “13 Going on 30”. Although we’re all thrilled to walk up to this fabulous place we all refer to as the third floor of our lives, many changes could occur, especially […]

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Enter the captivating world of design with Jojo Barr and Pollyanna Wilkinson, hosts of The Ins & Outs Podcast. Jojo brings authenticity and timeless elegance to interior design, while Pollyanna infuses sustainability into outdoor spaces. Together, they explore the intersection of creativity and functionality, offering insights and inspiration for design enthusiasts everywhere.

In the hustle of modern life, we often lose sight of nature’s rhythms and, in turn, ourselves. “The Change Within,” an exhibition by Amelia Maxwell Art Advisory, offers a reconnection through the stunning works of seven female artists. This collection invites viewers to explore the delicate, vibrant, and introspective beauty of the natural world. Each piece serves as a reminder of the intricate bond between humanity and nature, urging us to rediscover the world around us.

Is your kitchen a little lacking, but you’re anxious to host? The desire to curate the right vibe and ensure there’s enough elbow room for everyone could have you considering some big changes. With that in mind, here are five kitchen renovations that will transform it into the perfect entertainment space.

Luxury fashion brand, Fallon and Ava, hosted a dynamic fusion of Erica Reiling’s vibrant paintings and the brand’s luxurious turtleneck collection in New York City. Guests will witness a seamless blend of sustainable fashion and artistic expression, illustrating the gorgeous synergy between fashion and art.

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Dinner parties are great for sharing food, laughs and lasting memories. As the host, your job is to create a fun and relaxing environment, but how can you take your get-together to the next level?  We’re sharing six special editions to make your next get-together one to remember.

Last year, one of the most iconic American dining institutions again opened its doors, with the Tucci family’s descendants at the helm. Delmonico’s history stretches back to the Gilded Age when America was propelling itself to be one of the top powerhouse economies in the world. The restaurant’s reputation is known worldwide, even to those who haven’t visited it. Situated on 56 Beaver Street in the Financial District of Manhattan, the restaurant played a significant role throughout history as the crème de la crème’s favorite haunt.

In a departure from the clichés of obligatory occasions like Valentine’s Day, we pondered what could truly elevate the day. Our conclusion? Dining out and savoring a meal expertly crafted by talented chefs, complemented by a spectacular cocktail. And for those who prefer the intimacy of home, bringing that experience to their own kitchen. Fortunately, we’ve gathered insights from Chicago’s culinary elite, who shared their visions for celebrating love and indulgence on this special day. It’s the perfect recipe for a Valentine’s Day brunch to remember.

Raised in Latin America and Europe, Chef David Schoen is known as a culinary explorer. Schoen describes his life as a kid as constantly moving with his family to new places before landing in Chicago, where his father is originally from. These experiences have all influenced his culinary journey, though he would say that he is “more Panamanian than anything.” Schoen’s first real connection with food was during this time in Chicago. He tells us about his father’s interest in grilling and close relationship to a local butcher; this led to Schoen’s interest in food and grilling. Later, when Schoen was in high school, he began watching shows on the Food Network and loved the personalities shown on the channel. This is where he started to have the idea that he could apply himself to an area that was interesting to him, unlike many subjects he endured in school.

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Millennials prioritize experiences over possessions, driving a quest for adventure. Photographer Chelsea Loren shares her top spots for soul-searching travel.

Welcome to the epitome of modern elegance and refined luxury in the heart of Austin. Nestled amidst the vibrant cityscape, the Austin Proper Hotel stands tall as a beacon of sophistication and style. From its striking architecture to its impeccable design details, this unique collection of spaces offers an unparalleled experience for the luxury experience seeking traveler.

It’s the beginning of “the season” in Palm Beach and, what’s normally a quiet town, is buzzing with northerners who fled the cold to this winter playground.

The EDITION hotels chose Tampa as the destination for their fifth U.S property. Slated for a Spring 2022 opening, the hotel will bring a vision of infusing luxury into lifestyle within every aspect of the check-in/check-out stays to Tampa’s first five-star property.




Perfectly Poised: A Malibu Wedding That Kept Relaxation Top Of Mind

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